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Ally TMS Integrates with Truckstop.com’s Load Board

Truckstop.com is pleased to announce a new integration with Ally, a TMS provider that lets users manage freight seamlessly. 

This new integration allows Ally users to post and search loads and trucks using the Truckstop.com Load Board.
“Partnering with companies like Ally helps continue our mission to provide tools and solutions that makes jobs easier for those in the transportation industry,” said Brett Webb, VP of Product at Truckstop.com. “Having the Truckstop.com Load Board integrated into Ally’s TMS allows users access to more than a million trucks and at least half a million loads. That’s a huge resource for businesses.”
“Ally empowers our users by improving and extending their abilities to manage freight through technological advances. Our partnership with Truckstop.com enables them to find the right freight loads and partners with ease,” said Habtom Giorgis, Chief Technology Officer at Ally. 

To learn more about empowering your TMS with Truckstop.com’s suite of solutions, visit our Integrations page.

Truckstop.com’s Load Board has the volume, the variety of lanes and freight, and the tools to make your business successful. Drive profits and find trusted partners with the load board the trucking industry relies on. Your road to success starts with Truckstop.com.

About Ally
Ally enables users to manage the entire lifecycle of a load, as well as track loads using their free GPS tracking app. Users can save time by connecting to preferred load boards and using their platform to host collaborative conversations with freight partners. Try them out for free today.

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