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25 Years And Still In It For The Long Haul

truckstop 25th anniversary

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It was 1995, a year when John Michael Montgomery and Tim McGraw were topping the country charts, while the country was gripped by the OJ Simpson trial. Braveheart and Apollo 13 were winning in theaters. The Atlanta Braves won their first World Series. Steve Young and Jerry Rice carried the San Francisco 49ers to another Super Bowl victory. The internet was still young.

At the same time, The Internet Truckstop was being developed in small-town Idaho. Nobody could’ve foreseen the outcome of Scott Moscrip’s vision at that moment, but he had recognized the need for a digital solution in a vital industry. Many trucking owner-operators needed more ways to keep their trucks loaded and many brokers needed to find more trustworthy carriers to haul loads. The Internet Truckstop became the first digital load board; a place on the internet where truck drivers and brokers could meet to move loads all over America. The industry was ready for a technology solution and we began serving that need on July 24, 1995, from a basement in New Plymouth, Idaho – and the rest is history.

The Internet Truckstop grew up along other booming web businesses, like eBay, Yahoo, and Amazon, serving more and more customers across the USA each year. As the company added new partners and provided more services, we established ourselves as the largest neutral freight marketplace in North America. With growth and time, came a new brand, and we became Truckstop.com. Since that time, the team has grown to more than 500 partners at seven locations across the United States and Canada. In 2019, Truckstop.com announced a majority investment from ICONIQ Capital, providing us an even more powerful path to future innovations in freight movement.

“It’s easy-to-use! It was the first platform to offer online load searches and it has helped us by booking many loads with reputable brokers.” Metzger Trucking, customer since 1995

Our success as a company is due to our clear focus on solving problems for our customers every day. We believe this creates loyalty that lasts and we strive for that experience. Great trucking companies all across the country, like Metzger Trucking in Indiana, have been using the load board to find loads and research brokers since the start.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with the individuals and companies that form the backbone of commerce and life as we know it in America. This has never been more apparent than now, as we’ve witnessed a pandemic hit our nation so hard. By transporting the goods that make all our lives possible, truck drivers are our unsung heroes each day, and we are proud to partner with and serve such an incredible group.

On our 25th Anniversary, we’d like to say, THANK YOU. To all the team members and partners who have made this journey possible, we appreciate your time and effort. To all the carriers and brokers who have used our products and services to transport loads and make America better, we appreciate your trust and support. We’re working hard every day to build even better solutions for the future of freight movement – and we’re excited for you to join us for the ride. 

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