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Integrate a better way to book loads with Book It Now.

Book It Now is simply a better way to cover your loads—and it’s simple to integrate. Get loads in front of a qualified carrier audience ready to book, get time to focus on building relationships, and get it all right from your TMS.

“Book It Now creates an absolutely frictionless experience.” Erin Van Zeeland, Schneider
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Increase your bottom line by adding the tools right into your TMS. Our software solutions will give your business greater efficiency, better data, and bigger paydays.
Simplify your workflow.

Grow your productivity with a seamless workflow by integrating the data and services you use every day, right in your TMS.

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Make better decisions by accessing one of the industry’s largest pools of data.

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Grow your bottom line by streamlining processes across the entire freight lifecycle.

Integrations Offered by

Load Payments

Submit and cancel load payments, check if a customer has a load payment account, send personalized invitations to sign up for load payments, and more.

Cargo Insurance

Create new cargo insurance order, including one or multiple declarations, receive lists of declarations by search criteria, and more.

Track your Loads

View load location and status. Send tracking requests to carriers.

Load Searching

Search for loads based on set criteria, including broker days-to-pay number and credit score, get details for a specified load, and more.

Load Posting

Post and update a collection of loads, receive list of loads posted by user, delete specified load posting, and more.

Rate Trending

View posted and paid rates, market demand and negotiation strength, historic rates, and more, on any given lane and rate criteria.

Truck Posting

Post and update a collection of trucks, receive list of trucks by user, delete specified truck posting, and more.

Hidden Capacity

View non-posted trucks searching in the same lanes you’re posting freight.

Carrier Onboarding

Receive customized carrier information, monitoring alerts details, carrier contracts and agreements, preferred carrier lanes, and more.

Carrier Management & Monitoring

View carrier performance ratings, insurance information, authority status, monitor changes, and more.

Broker Credit

Receive credit reports based on company ID, add broker credit companies to a credit watch list, monitor credit score changes, and more.

Instant load-booking

Give preferred carriers instant-booking access with Book It Now – now with bulk upload capability.

Plans and Pricing

Integration Bundles

with Pro Subscription

Up to 5

Designed For:
Small Brokers using as a TMS

300 unique posts
50 search requests

50 Lanes
Refresh ok

Web Services Included:
  • Load Posting
  • Truck Posting
  • Book It Now
  • Rate Mate
  • Hot Prospects

Based on Usage
with Pro Subscription


Designed For:
Large Brokers with specialized integrations needs



    Web Services Included:
  • Load Posting
  • Truck Posting
  • Book It Now
  • Rate Mate
  • Hot Prospects
  • Load Payments
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Track your Loads
  • Rate Trending
  • Broker Credit
  • Carrier Onboarding

A better way to book loads.

Hear first-hand how Book It Now is changing the game for Schneider.

Trusted Partners

  • 3PL Systems INC
  • Activetrac/W-Interactive
  • Aljex Software
  • Ally TMS / Formerly Cartage.Co
  • Amous International INC
  • Ascend TMS
  • Assure Assist, INC
  • Broker Pro/ Weber Systems
  • Cargo Match Maker
  • Chuck Schubert & Associates -CSA Software
  • Cloud Logistics
  • Cyberloft Technology Solutions
  • EKA
  • Freightflow
  • Genesis Systems LLC
  • Load Dex -Logistical Labs
  • Mcleod Software
  • Mercurygate International
  • Neurored
  • Optym
  • PCS Software
  • Pegasys
  • Porttms
  • Prime Software Solutions
  • Primus Solutions
  • Quantum Edge Technology
  • Revenova
  • See Load
  • SLS LLC/Shipogre
  • Smartscm LLC
  • Softmodal LLC
  • Solfinity Corp
  • Sphere
  • Superflo Systems And Technologies
  • Tailwind Management Systems INC
  • TMSfirst
  • TMW Systems
  • VIS -TMS / Loxias IT Solutions

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