Introduces New Integration with Revenova TMS

Revenova Integrates with is pleased to announce a new integration with Revenova, a leading, TMS provider. The new integration allows Revenova users to natively search for capacity in their TMS, from’s trusted load board and the industry’s largest freight marketplace.

“We love our partnership with When our customers ask about rates or industry data, we consistently tell them, ‘go look at Truckstop, go look at Truckstop,’” said Michael Horvath, Executive VP of Revenova.

“Further integration points like truck searching give our customers the data and services we trust, directly in the Revenova TMS.”

Revenova already has a handful of other integration points, including the ability to post loads to’s load board, and view rate trends with benchmarking in RateMate. Revenova’s users have noticed the difference.

“In Revenova, it’s fast and easy to match posted trucks with loads we’re trying to cover,” said Matt Vogrich, Director of Operations at MoLo. “And with the new integration, one click within Revenova TMS brings back all relevant matches with an easy way to engage the carrier and cover the load.”

Revenova is planning additional integrations from’s suite of solutions across the freight lifecycle. This includes integrations with LoadPay (a simplified payment platform designed to disrupt the factoring model), Cargo Insurance (an “All-risk” cargo insurance for only $34 per-load) and CACCI, a powerful carrier qualification, monitoring, and management tool.

About Revenova

Revenova is a cloud application provider of transportation management solutions for shippers, brokers and third-party logistics (3PL) companies. Their solutions improve the process of moving freight by aligning customers, carriers and co-workers more efficiently and intelligently. This collaboration focus delivers unprecedented business results and operational efficiency. Learn more at


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