Load Insights

How does your load compare?

No more posting your load only to pray it gets noticed. Truckstop Pro allows you to gain insight into your load’s popularity, including how it stacks up against your competition. Check out the video to learn how to use data to get your loads moved!

Load Insights is designed to eliminate the “post and pray” issue among Truckstop Pro’s broker users. Users can see the popularity of their loads, based upon carrier search views, determine how their load compares to competing loads in the same lane, and makes adjustments to get their freight seen and moved.

After posting a load on Truckstop.com take a look at the Load Insights icon. The icon will be color coded to display the popularity of the posting. These colors will change throughout the business day. To view more click the icon.

There are 6 sections within Load Insights, these are:

Load Popularity

A color coded chart will show the popularity of the load, this will change over the business day.

Load Search Views

Load Search Views display how many times the posting has been seen on the search grid in the first 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes as well as the total load search views.


This gives the amount of postings your company has at the origin and destination. This also shows the number of truck postings and truck searching at the origin. You will be able to see the number of times your load details page has been viewed.

Competitive Insights

The two graphs within this section are competitive trending and competitive postings. Competitive trending will compare the load to your competitors at the origin and lane. Competitive postings are how many posts that remain on the load board (this doesn’t include any loads posted after.) You will also be able to see the amount of loads remaining at the origin and in the lane.


My rate offered, RateMate Rate, Average Rate Amount at time of Post, and Rank of Rate at Time of Post give you all your ranking information based on the rate you have posted. This gives you good insight into whether the posting rate is attractive to carriers.


The stop light display gives your negotiation strength at both the origin and destination. This is based off the ratio of loads to trucks.

After reviewing Load Insights you can now modify the posting to increase the speed of the load being booked.

All the load insight information is a proprietary algorithm created exclusively for Truckstop.com. You will not get this information anywhere else in the marketplace.

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