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Finding trucks is only half the battle. Decision Tools helps you determine the strength of your negotiation on a particular load. Check out the video for a quick training on Decision Tools! provides to help our customers find out who has the negotiation strength in a certain area.


Pintac lets you see the posted loads to trucks ratio in a given origin and destination. Load Densities give a view of the number of trucks picking up and dropping off in a given origin and destination lane. Both these tools are located under the “Decision Tools” tab.

Starting with Pintac, this will show loads from our home state by default, however this can be changed this by clicking other states within the map. This will display the total number of loads and trucks going to the selected state going anywhere. If you have a broker account, you will also see a hot prospects (carriers that have been searching in the area that don’t have their truck posted.) By clicking on a specific equipment type you can narrow your focus.

The color coded bars represent the gap between loads and trucks in the state transiting to a specific area.

Red- huge gap between loads and trucks

Yellow- medium gap between loads and trucks

Green- small gap between loads and trucks

These bars will help you understand your negotiation strength. For broker customers to have the negotiation power they will need to see more trucks in an area versus loads. Carrier customers will have the negotiation strength when there is a large amount of loads verses trucks in an area. These bars are clickable to view loads and trucks that meet the criteria of the lane.

Load Densities’s other decision making tool is Load Densities. This tool will also be defaulted to your home state but can be changed by clicking on the map. You will be able to see states, equipment types and the number of loads dropping off. By looking at the two tables side by side you can compare loads to trucks in different states. This tool is helpful for looking at negotiation strength.

Pintac and Load densities can also be seen on load or trucks details pages. Toggle the view between these tools to get a full view of negotiation strength.

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