Chat & Negotiations

Learn how to make an offer and negotiate rates without leaving’s load board.

Chat and Negotiations are two features on’s load board designed for communicating with other users more efficiently.

After logging into you can see the chat and negotiation drawers on the left.

Starting with negotiations, there are two ways to initiate a negotiation on a load or truck:

  • From the search grid by clicking on the hand shake icon
  • From the truck or load details page

Enter in the all in (flat-rate) offer as well as an optional message, then click send.

Inside the negotiation drawer you can see your postings on the board, your offers that are in process, and the history of your negotiations. You will see your offers as well as any messages on the negotiations. You can counter offer, accept, or withdrawal offers. You can also upload any documents to share. Offers submitted through this feature are not binding agreements.

The chat features is a great way for users to communicate with each other. The chat drawer can be expanded where you can search and chat with users, see current chats, contacts and blocked members. A chat can be sent by typing a message and clicking send.

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