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Fuel Savings Meet Route Optimization

Fuel costs can eat a big chunk out of your bottom line. That’s why Truckstop Pro has the tools you need to find the shortest, most fuel-efficient routes, including up-to-date truck stop recommendations that help you save big when fueling your truck. Check out the video to learn how route your trucks and save on fuel costs!

Fueling your truck or fleet shouldn’t be left up to happenstance. Truckstop.com’s FuelDesk gives you the ability to see a detailed map of your specific route with every fuel stop along the way, saving you any guesswork.

FuelDesk can be found by clicking on the “My Products” tab, then “FuelDesk.” Enter the origin, destination and equipment type and click “submit.”

Inside FuelDesk you will see 5 tabs, these are:

Rate Index & Densities

This is a listing of Posted, Paid and Submitted Rate Averages (these are obtained from the load board, factoring companies and RateMate subscribers.) You can also see the density of loads vs trucks at the origin and destination.

Rate Trending

This will display two charts. The top chart will show rates over the last 12 months. The second will show the Rate Trend for 100 miles over the last 36 months.

Fuel Stops on Route & Optimizer

This will give you the approximate fuel cost of the trip from origin to destination. The map will show all the gas stops between the two locations as well as the fuel prices at each stop. Take note these fuel prices are updated daily. Below the map lists all the fuel stops with more detail.

By clicking on the drop down menu to the right of the list and click “Optimized Stops.” By entering more information about your truck and trip an optimized route with fuel stops will be provided. This suggestion will be based off the least expensive fuel prices and the most efficient way to optimize your IFTA taxes.

IFTA Fuel Tax

Clicking on this tab will redirect you to ProMiles. This service is available to help you keep a record of your trips and generate a quarterly IFTA report.


At the top of this tab we will see the practical miles, a map showing the origin and destination as well as directions between the two locations.

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