Rate Mate

Keep your truck moving with better paying freight.

Finding loads is only half the battle. Truckstop Pro has the tools you need to negotiate with confidence and price your truck right. Check out the video to learn how to get the best rate on all your loads!

RateMate is Truckstop.com’s spot market rate engine that helps you determine the average freight rate for a specific traffic lane.

RateMate can be found in three spots:

  • On the truck search line
  • The load posting form
  • The “My Products” tab, then RateMate

Enter the origin, destination, and equipment type. Click “Find Rates.”

There are 5 tabs that can be navigated within RateMate, these are:

Rate Index

Under this tab is a listing of Posted and Paid rate averages (these are obtaining from the load board and factoring companies.) Depending on your account settings you may also see Paid Shipper Rates. You can also enter your desired gross margin, which will calculate the “Average Rate to Shipper.”

Rate Trending

This will display two graphs. The top graph will show rates over the last 12 months. The second will show the rate trend over the past three years.

Fuel Cost

Here you will find a fuel surcharge calculator. By entering the fuel cost per gallon, the baseline fuel price and miles per gallon you can recalculate to see our fuel surcharge for the load based per mile and total.


View the truck supply and demand at both the origin and destination locations. The number of loads picking up and dropping off as well as the number of trucks available and looking for loads will be visible. The stop light will show your negotiation strength, which can help you make better business decisions.


PastWatch opens a pop-up window that displays trucks that were posted on the board in the last 7 days but are no longer active. This information is useful to find a dedicated carrier or if you happened to misplace a carrier’s information.

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