Best Paying Loads

As a carrier or owner operator, it’s important that you keep your trucks loaded with the highest paying freight possible. In this video, you’ll learn how to access a list of the top 10 paying loads in your lanes of interest using a feature called Best Paying Loads.

First, create a new load search using your desired criteria. Then, click on a load that you’re interested in hauling. On the load details page, you have access to a lot of valuable information, including best paying loads. Best paying loads displays the top 10 paying loads in the lane that matches your search criteria. “Best paying” is not necessarily the highest all-in, flat rate. On this page, take note of the rate per mile. Before you get on the phone with the broker or shipper, check your negotiation power using Decision tools, and cross check this load’s rate against market rate data provided by RateMate to see how this posted rate compares to actual market data. Is this rate above or below the average market rate? If it’s below, then don’t be afraid to mention that to your prospective customer.

Before doing business with a prospective customer, always ensure that their qualifications meet your expectations. On the load details page, you have easy access to Creditstop Broker. Check to see how long it usually takes this broker to pay their carriers and what their experience rating is. To view a legend for the experience rating, click the information icon.

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