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case study: ZMac Transportation

“We are taking next to no calls from carriers asking where their check is.

Our accounting staff loves not getting those calls anymore.” – Matt Ziegler, President

ZMac Transportation Solutions was founded in 2010 and is a leading transportation and logistics services company located in Racine, Wisconsin. ZMac offers flatbed, less-than-truckload (LTL), and over-dimensional freight through a prequalified pool of thousands of carriers from every corner of the country.

The challenge

Before Truckstop Pay, ZMac’s accounting department found themselves preoccupied with administrative payment tasks. The team was spending critical time and internal resources fielding calls from Carriers and Factoring Companies wanting to discuss payment.

Carriers can often feel in the dark when it comes to when they’ll receive their load payments and managing cash flow is a day-to-day need, especially for owner/operators. For the Broker (or Shipper), the back-office support required to service these phone calls is a major expense in terms of both time and resources but is essential to maintaining strong relationships.

The solution

Truckstop Pay is a seamless payment solution for Brokers, Shippers and Carriers of all sizes. By implementing Truckstop Pay, Brokers and Shippers are able to dedicate time and resources to revenue-generating activities rather than managing payments. Carriers benefit by having access to a free, secure way to receive their payments via free ACH along with access to quick pay when they need it.

The results

1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency

After a year of utilizing Truckstop Pay, the payment platform has streamlined ZMac’s back-office workflow and allowed them to direct those internal resources elsewhere. The overall efficiency of the team has improved considerably.

“We are taking next to no calls now from Carriers asking ‘where’s my check?’ and ‘when am I going to get paid?’. Our accounting staff loves not getting those calls anymore.” – Matt Ziegler, President

2. Increased Carrier Satisfaction

ZMac’s days-to-pay were significantly improved by utilizing Truckstop Pay because the shortened payment term is automatically reported to Truckstop when a carrier selects quick pay – another win not only for their reputation, but for attracting quality Carriers and increasing capacity. In turn, ZMac’s Carriers are thrilled with the easy-to-use quick pay options that allow them to be paid faster with no contracts or hidden fees at a low 2.99% rate. They appreciate having the flexibility to choose from same-day ACH, next-day ACH, fuel card, or wire transfer.

3. Increased Profits

Because ZMac opted in to Truckstop Pay’s revenue sharing program, they now turn payments into 2% profit every time a Carrier selects the quick pay option. They have also completely eliminated ACH and wire fees which has led to increased profitability.

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