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case study: Knight-Swift

“With Book It Now, I can negotiate with 300 carriers at once.”

Knight-Swift increases efficiencies for their brokers and carrier partners with Truckstop.com Book It Now.
Patrick Flanagan with Tucker Company Worldwide

Knight-Swift is one of the industry’s largest publicly traded full truckload companies, operating with an extensive fleet of roughly 23,000 tractors, 77,000 trailers, and employing 28,000 people. Knight-Swift serves a wide range of customers in a broad array of industries.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, they provide the full complement of truckload and logistics services throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Just shortly after launching, Knight-Swift sees a month of successes:

loads awarded with one click.
carriers uploaded to Book It Now eligible list.
Book It Now loads posted.
average loads posted per week.

The challenge

Dedicated to innovation and technology initiatives that empower their employees as well as their carrier partners, Knight-Swift decided it was time to invest in an instant freight booking solution. With an solution like Truckstop.com Book It Now, the team at Knight-Swift could differentiate themselves in the market while also keeping up with the technology changes in the industry.

At the end of the day, Knight-Swift is committed to meeting all of their partners’ needs where they’re at, making their work more efficient, easier, and to keep freight moving.

Integrating with Truckstop.com Book It Now

As early adopters of Truckstop.com Book it Now, Knight-Swift worked closely with the Truckstop.com team to integrate Book It Now into their proprietary technology solution.

“When the team at Truckstop.com brought Book It Now to us, it was natural for Knight-Swift to be an early adopter. The integration team at Truckstop.com was fantastic to work with. They were very agile and adapted to our internal processes, and it allowed for quicker alignment and speed to deployment of Book It Now. The integration team got deep in the process and really understood what we were trying to accomplish. At the end of the day, they tailored the solution to meet our needs.” — Don Everhart, Vice President, Technology and Analytics

The solution: Book It Now

Book It Now allows Knight-Swift to upload preferred carriers, post freight with a visible rate, and get their loads automatically booked by carriers—all without ever picking up the phone.

As one of the early Book It Now adopters, Knight-Swift has already seen success with Book It Now.

The results

Increased efficiencies

With the expansiveness of the Truckstop.com marketplace and efficiency of the Book It Now technology, the team at Knight-Swift connects with more carriers digitally to cover their freight with less time-consuming touches.

“We’ve seen huge jumps in our ability to connect with carriers digitally, and with less touches. Given the size and market share of Truckstop.com, we gain even more opportunities to expand our carrier network.” – Shannon Breen, SVP of Logistics

The increased internal efficiencies due to Book It Now allow Knight-Swift to cover more freight, increasing revenue without increasing resources.

Elasticity of headcount and ability to cover more freight

In the trucking industry, flexibility is key. When the market shifts, companies like Knight-Swift rely on Book It Now to help them remain agile in their headcount and still maintain their ability to cover freight quickly.

Knight-Swift books more freight, faster.

“I can negotiate with 300 carriers at once with Book It Now, versus one agent handling five calls from the carrier on just one load. We can focus on applying the headcount to the loads that are harder to cover.” –Don Everhart, Vice President, Technology and Analytics

Because of the digital aspect, headcount is steadier during market surges.

“We now have elasticity in the amount of freight we can cover before we start looking to add or subtract headcount, whereas before, we would immediately need to start bringing on additional heads. We can transact X percent manually, and then Y percent digitally. Book It Now allows us to tolerate those short-term stretches without having to grow headcount when we just need a four-week push. We’re able to level-set our growth and be more intentional and purposeful.” –Don Everhart, Vice President, Technology and Analytics

Stronger carrier relationships

The freight industry will always prioritize strong relationships, and the team at Knight-Swift knows that. They are committed to providing various booking options for their carrier partners to keep them happy and working the ways they prefer. Book It Now provides an option to help carriers be more efficient.

“Our intent is to provide selection and options to our carrier base and let them make the decisions on how and where they want to book loads.” –Don Everhart, Vice President, Technology and Analytics

Book It Now helps Knight-Swift prioritize relationships with carriers.

“Connection with the driver is always going to be important. The carrier community can feel decentralized from the broker community. But it’s going to be Book It Now and other technologies that help bring the two communities together and continue to push the brokerages in the direction of truly helping the carrier by sharing information back and forth quickly. I think some of the biggest efficiencies to be gained are with the carrier community.” — Shannon Breen, SVP of Logistics

Tips from Knight-Swift: How to Be Successful with Book It Now

Knight-Swift has seen tremendous success with the Book It Now solution. Here are some things they recommend when getting Book It Now off the ground.

Load your full carrier list.

When you load a carrier list into Book It Now, you allow those carriers to book your freight instantly. Knight-Swift has been successful by uploading thousands of carriers to their system to give them the opportunity to book more efficiently.

“Don’t be afraid to load up your full carrier network because that’s one of the things that made us wildly successful with this. If a carrier is good to go in our system and is considered what we call an active bookable carrier, then that carrier should be able to book via Truckstop.com to get to us. I think when we initially went up, we could reach nearly 15,000 carriers, and I don’t think our next closest competitor in the space had anywhere near that.” –Don Everhart, Vice President, Technology and Analytics

Post a fair rate up front.

With Book It Now, Knight-Swift posts a fair rate up front to save time and get the load covered quickly.

“Just like with any negotiation, start your levels at a place that makes sense for the markets that you’re operating in. If you just post everything out there and you’re hoping to get bottom dollar on everything, and you’re just going to throw a number out there, you’re not going to be successful. Put something that’s representative of what you’ll actually pay. You’re not setting the stage for a negotiation. You’re trying to get it in front of people who will see that rate as acceptable to them and fair in the marketplace. It’s been highly effective for us, and we’re earning the same revenue without wasting time.” –Don Everhart, Vice President, Technology and Analytics

Focus on the carrier’s success.

Knight-Swift’s relentless focus on the carrier’s success has helped them achieve success, too.

“Integrations and key partners are of high value. As we look at Truckstop.com products, our intention is to apply all of those to our business where it makes sense for the carrier.” –Don Everhart, Vice President, Technology and Analytics

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