Work with trusted Brokers & Shippers.

Built right into our Pro load board.

Your better partner database.

Cash flow drives your business.’s #1 value-added performance and payment history tool for Carriers & Brokers streamlines your vetting process with access to current, vetted Broker credit ratings and days-to-pay numbers--built right into our Pro load board.

Real time days-to-pay

Stay paid—and happy.

See average days-to-pay to keep your wheels rolling.

Complaint scoring

Assess complaints based on number and quality.

An average days-to-pay asterisk shows complaint sources, value, and number.

Experience factor credit ratings

Search by company name, phone number, or MC Number.

See payment trend, time in business, financial strength, and collection activity.

FMSCA access

Activate your own watch list.

Verify authority, insurance, and bonding. Get change notifications for chosen brokerages.

Let’s talk long haul.

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