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Pay Fuel Card

Get paid faster. Stretch your income.

Pay’s Fuel Card payment option gives you your money within 1 hour of request, including evenings and weekends.

Get paid directly on your fuel card, and get your money within an hour.

  • Submit your request for fuel card payment anytime.
  • Pay just a 2.99% quick pay fee.
  • No transaction fee.
  • Supports transfers to EFS and Fleet One.

Getting started takes just minutes!

Call 888.772.4080 or email PaySupport@truckstop.com and we’ll complete the form with you over the phone to ensure all information is entered correctly.


To talk to one of our payment experts,
call 1-888-772-4080 or email us at PaySupport@truckstop.com.

All Truckstop Pay services are provided through LoadPay, LLC, a division of Truckstop.com.