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Less office work, more revenue.​​

Streamlined, profitable, easy to use. Earn 2% back on every load when your Carriers select PayMeNow™ with Truckstop.com’s LoadPay, the streamlined payment solution for Shippers.

Maximize your margins.

LoadPay for Shippers helps streamline your load payments and eliminate factoring.

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How many loads do you handle each month?

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Your Annual Carrier Payments

What % of Payments are sent by check?

What % of Payments are sent by ACH?

The fee you pay for each ACH transaction? (average ACH fee is $0.50)
What % of Payments are sent to factoring companies?

Your annual cost to pay by check
Your annual cost to pay by ACH

Your Annual PayMeNow™ Savings

Annual Amount you save with LoadPay:


These are estimates only, actual savings may vary.
Here’s how we calculated these savings:
  • Total annual carrier payments = Average load payment x Number of loads per year
  • PayMeNow™ savings = Total annual carrier payments x % of Payments sent to factors x 2% PayMeNow™ savings back to you
  • Average annual check cost = Loads each month x 12 x % of Payments sent by check x $11 (the average cost for processing an invoice via check)1
  • Average annual ACH cost = Loads each month x 12 x % of Payments sent ACH x Cost per ACH
  • Your potential annual savings with LoadPay = PayMeNow savings + Average annual check cost + Average annual ACH cost
1Avg. cost for processing an invoice via check is $11.00 (Source: “Have You Heard of Freight Invoice Auditing?,” Garry Oswald, Quality Digest, https://www.qualitydigest.com/inside/management-article/100616-have-you-heard-freight-invoice-auditing.html)

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If you have any questions, comments, or requests concerning our services or your account, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team.

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