LoadPay for Carriers.

Ditch your factoring service.

Predictable cash flow without the fine print.

Free sign up. No hidden fees. No contract. No joke. Get predictable cash flow and a flat 2.99% quick pay rate with the easy-to-use hassle-free payment system that keeps Owner Operator and Fleet Owner fuel tanks full and money flowing.

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Predictable cash flow without the fees and frustration of factoring.


Factoring Companies


Quick Pay Fee 2% – 8%
Lower fees often require special terms and conditions such as recourse, minimum load volume, admin fees, etc.
LoadPay’s PayMeNow™ quick pay option is a flat 2.99% rate, with no hidden fees.
ACH Fees for Next Business Day Payment $1 – $10 fee per transaction Free
Fuel Card Option (Quick Pay) 2% – 8% quick pay fee
$1 – $10 per transaction
2.99% flat rate PayMeNow
No transaction fees
Fuel Card Option (Non Quick Pay) $1 – $10 per transaction Free
Sign-Up Cost $1 – $10 per transaction Free
Per-Invoice Cost As high as $25 per load Free
Long Term Contract 1-3 years No
Volume Requirement Often require carriers to submit a minimum monthly volume in order to benefit from lower fees No
UCC Filing Yes.
$100 minimum cost to terminate the UCC filing.
Credit Check Cost From $0 to $10 fee for credit check No
Reserve or Escrow Often hold up to 20% of your money in their bank account in reserve No
Maintenance Cost Often charge monthly account maintenance fees Free
Hidden Fees Frequent hidden fees.
(Always read the fine print).
Cost if Invoice is Paid Beyond 30 Days Often change fee on invoice depending on length of days it takes broker to pay Free
Account Security As with all financial transactions ask where and how your account information is stored. Partnered with an established FDIC-insured financial institution to ensure your account information is safely stored behind bank-grade security.

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Fuel Card Application

Make the most of the money you earn. Get paid directly onto your fuel card.

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How to Use PayMeNow

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Frequently Asked Questions

LoadPay is a secure payment platform that puts you in control of when and how you get paid. Using LoadPay means no more calls to Brokers regarding delayed checks. With LoadPay, you can count on receiving your payment on the date clearly posted on the LoadPay system. Finally, you can say goodbye to factoring companies’ hidden fees and rigid contracts.
It’s FREE to create and maintain a LoadPay account. There are no contracts, no sign-up fees, no maintenance fees, and no volume requirements. Also, PayMeNow™ (LoadPay’s built-in quick pay option) is available to you for a low 2.99% flat rate, with four payment method options, so you can say goodbye to high factoring fees.
PayMeNow™ is a quick pay option that puts money in your account as early as the same day the load is delivered. PayMeNow™ offers four different payment options: fuel card, next day ACH, same day ACH, and wire transfer.
No. Unlike most factoring services, LoadPay helps you manage consistent cash flow—without contracts, volume requirements, ACH transaction fees, maintenance fees, sign-up or termination fees, and other hidden fees that are piled on top of the factoring fee.
Yes, check out these quick videos that will help you get up and running with LoadPay:

LoadPay – Carrier Quick Start

How to Use PayMeNow™

Is LoadPay secure?

Yes! LoadPay is partnered with an established FDIC-insured financial institution so you have peace of mind knowing your account information and load transactions are safely stored behind bank-grade security. Your LoadPay account is securely housed in a single location—you don’t have to share your financial information to dozens of different brokers so you reduce your risk of fraud and account takeover.

How does it work?

It’s simple. First, sign up for a free LoadPay account. Upon new account approval, you can start using LoadPay to easily claim your load payments.

Once you have fulfilled the load and submitted an invoice to your broker, the broker will review the load documents and schedule payment to you through their LoadPay account. You will receive a scheduled payment notification from LoadPay on your mobile device or through the website. You then decide when and how you get paid! You can choose PayMeNow™ to receive your funds the same day or next business day or opt for the broker’s scheduled payment date. It’s that easy.

How do I get paid?

Whether you choose PayMeNow™ or the broker’s scheduled payment date, the LoadPay system deposits funds directly to your bank account. Or, you can pay a $25.00 fee to have a hardcopy check mailed to you. Additionally, when you choose PayMeNow™ you can select from four different payment options: fuel card, next day ACH, same day ACH, and wire transfer.

Are there sign-up or termination fees?

No. It’s FREE to create, maintain, and even terminate a LoadPay account.

Is there a per invoice fee?

No. There is $0 charge to invoice with Loadpay.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No. This means flexibility for your business.

Are there minimum/maximum volume requirements?

No. You get the flexibility and control on load volume and taking time off.

Will a UCC financing statement be filed?

No. This means you have access to cash flow without risking all of your assets.

Will I get charged for my customer’s credit check?

No. You get free access to credit data.

Is there a reserve or escrow?

No. LoadPay does not require reserve or escrow account.

Is there a maintenance fee?

No. You are not charged a monthly fee to use LoadPay.

Do you charge a fee if my invoice is paid beyond 30 days?

No. This means you have predictable cash flow.

Where do I send my paperwork?

You will still send your invoices to your broker/shipper in order for them to schedule payments to you.

How do I find a list of brokers that use the service?

We do not have a publicly available list of our users. However, you may request that your broker/shipper pay you via LoadPay. It is free for all users to sign up.

How do I know when a broker adds a load for me to get paid on?

You will receive an email notification through the LoadPay mobile application or you may log into your LoadPay account and review the scheduled payments.

If I don’t use PayMeNow™ when will I get paid?

The payment will be distributed to your bank account on the broker’s scheduled payment date via ACH.

If I sign up, do I have to use LoadPay for every load I move?

No, unlike factoring services, LoadPay is a simple, per-load payment option. This means no contracts, no minimum number of loads, no hidden fees!

Do I have to use PayMeNow™ every time I move a load for a particular broker?

No. If you choose to take advantage of LoadPay, you’re under no obligation to continue using it with the same broker or other brokers. Likewise, if you use the PayMeNow™ feature, you are under no obligation to use it again on subsequent loads.


If you have any questions, comments, or requests concerning our services or your account, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team.

Monday – Friday (9:00 AM – 6:30 PM ET)