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Errors and Omissions

"Oops" Protection for 3PLS and Brokers.

Ensure better business relationships.

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Get the insurance that’s got your back.

Everyone makes mistakes. Errors & Omissions insurance protects in the event that an error or omission on your part has caused a financial loss for your client.

Control risk and cost.

Protect yourself with legal defense and settlement costs and per policy terms.

Cement your reputation.

Get defense against serious financial risk and show your freight partners you’re covered in the event of accidents.

Protect your bottom line.

Under the ITS program, the deductible you select only applies to actual payments made by the insurance company and does not apply to defense or claims expenses.

Cover your bases at every turn.

Failure to follow instructions, delay caused by employee negligence, negligent company selection, improper charge quotations, incorrect document preparation, unauthorized release of goods, misdirection, failure to collect, and failure to insure cargo.

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