The “non-following” broad Broker coverage.

Protect your business and relationships.

When good shipping goes bad.

Protect yourself from Carrier-caused cargo loss and damage claims.’s Contingent Cargo insurance protects Brokers for Shipper claims of lost or damaged cargo in transit when a Carrier’s motor truck cargo policy doesn’t honor the claim.

“Just in case” coverage

Beneficial non-following form policy.

Get insured for broker-liable and negligent trucking company losses or when the Carrier’s insurer motor truck cargo policy fails to pay a substantiated claim.

Broad, swift coverage

End standard insurance headaches.

Enjoy much broader coverage than the restrictive industry standard forms which typically only cover claims due to voided/cancelled policies, bogus/illegal policies, or insolvent insurers.

Protect your reputation

Protect your partnerships.

While contingent cargo is optional (and even when you’re not technically liable for damages) Carriers prefer working with cargo contingency insured Brokers—and your reputation will suffer if you don’t pay.

Important business protection

Settle claims for peace of mind.

Shipping a container of widgets to Topeka? If the Carrier throws half of the widgets overboard to save on fuel, the Carrier probably won't pay off the loss, but contingent cargo insurance pays you.

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