Stay in the lead with the most robust rate insights on the market. + Chainalytics = stronger together.

Rate Analysis now includes both contract and spot rate benchmark estimates through a partnership with Chainalytics, a recognized leader in freight market intelligence.

Support your procurement, pricing, and lane rate benchmarking with Chainalytics’ unique modeling approach that provides accurate and reasonable rate levels.

  • Almost $11B worth of shipment transactions power Chainalytics’ advanced analytics and transportation rate benchmarking
  • Provides actionable insights to increase your profits and accuracy
  • Contract rate benchmarks available across North America for Dry Van and Temp Control freight
  • Spot rate benchmarks available across North America for Flat Bed, Dry Van and Temp Control freight

Chainalytics is now offered with Rate Analysis.
*Please note: This product is available for Brokers/3PLs only.

About Chainalytics:

Chainalytics is a supply chain consulting, analytics, and market intelligence firm delivering actionable insights and measurable outcomes to supply chain leaders around the globe in order to accelerate fact-based transformations and maximize the value of supply chains.

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