U.S. Receives Low Scores for Traffic Fatalities World Wide

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Inspection Season
Nebraska State Police conducted a three-day surprise inspection spree last week with 42 percent of inspected trucks being placed out of service. The blitzes were held in Omaha, Lincoln and Sarpy County and a total of 261 inspections were conducted. Of the 261 trucks that were inspected, 109 were placed out of service. The fines associated with the spree equaled out to 870 violations and $17,500. Nebraska State Police will continue these surprise inspections throughout the summer.

The annual North American Inspection Blitz is coming up in less than two weeks. The 72-hour event will be held from June 6-8 and is going to focus on load securement along with the standard Level 1 inspection.

Danger on the Roadways
According to AAA, the United States ranks near the bottom of traffic fatalities for developed nations. Most of this could be avoided with infrastructural improvements that would enhance safety according to the study. AAA calls on increased city, county, state and federal support of roadways to the tune of $146 billion. This investment would bring our roads up to date and make them easier to update as future advances come to fruition. This news comes right on the heels of President Trump’s announcement of more cuts to the DOT’s budget and a call for increase in number of toll roads across the U.S. Toll roads are privately owned roads and tolls are used for upkeep and improvements. Toll roads also take the burden off of the government to maintain public roadways.

With an increase of concerns surrounding safety, Meade Trucking Co. held a safety conference in Augusta County, VA on May 23. State troopers showed the public how inspection of tractor-trailers occur and other safety officials were on hand to show how safety measures have been applied to trailers. There were talks about how new technology is impacting the industry and is reducing risks to all parties when involved in a wreck with a semi. The idea is to make this an annual conference but no other details have been released.

The Entry Level Driver Training Rule has been again delayed by executive action. The rule which was set to take effect in early February, has now been delayed a third time. The regulation, while vague, does set minimum test score and proficiencies that need to be reached before being allowed to upgrade a CDL or to receive one altogether.

Tech and Regulations
Goldman Sachs and MIT are both warning that the autonomous truck is going to push truckers out of jobs. With this in mind, the FMSCA is set to meet next month with its trucking stakeholders to discuss regulatory rollbacks. Autonomous trucks are also on the docket to be discussed and how they are to be regulated. The regulations surrounding autonomous trucking will also discuss how testing of the trucks will be conducted. The meetings will be public. If you wish to attend you need to RSVP by June 7 by sending an email to mcsac@dot.gov. The event will take place June 12-13 in Washington, D.C. Comments will be heard during the meeting though only at the discretion of the committee.

Technology companies that target trucking companies are receiving large sums of money from crowdfunding. These companies deal with ELDs, GPS, trucker deals, fuel needs/locations and anything to do with advancements in safety. While some companies are being seen as disrupters, many are seen as positive opportunities for the industry. This is a practice that will more-than-likely continue until technology is fully integrated into the trucking industry.

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