Truckstop Mobile Release Notes: New Features and Functionality

The mobile app just got a whole lot better! Check out some of the new features and functionality below.

Easier Download, Install, and Track Acceptance Process

Carriers can now receive and accept a load track in less than 20 seconds!

We’ve made big improvements on the track request and application install process for carriers. Carriers can now bypass the registration screen when they receive a track request via text message. It benefits both brokers and carriers – brokers will see an increase in their tracking acceptance rate and carriers will experience less hassle.

Truckstop Mobile Tracking Request
The process from submitting a tracking request to track acceptance by the carrier.

Improved User Interface

Truckstop Mobile is now more intuitive than ever.

We’ve made significant improvements to the user interface for the load searching, truck posting, and document upload processes. In addition, carriers can also create a search ‘favorites’ list for their favorite lanes and easily edit a current or completed check call.

Truckstop Mobile Load Posting Truckstop Mobile Load Posting Truckstop Mobile Document Exchange

The new user interface for load posting, searching and document exchange.

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