Announces LoadPay Partnership with McLeod Software and McLeod Software have announced plans to integrate LoadPay, a secured payment platform that connects carriers, brokers, and shippers, with the McLeod Software system.

LoadPay, a product of, helps carriers improve their cash flow and gain visibility into their upcoming payments. It provides a secure payment platform for all parties to conduct business by eliminating the threat of fraud. It allows brokers and shippers and third party logistics providers to schedule automated payments to carriers while offering a PayMeNow™ option that allows carriers to better control their cash flow.

“This is an ideal partnership — LoadPay strives to wipe out payment inefficiencies while McLeod provides automation to do the same with inefficiencies in freight management,” said LoadPay General Manager Farid Zaffar. “McLeod, with its advanced management solutions and services, is the perfect fit for LoadPay as both are geared at reducing costs and fostering greater productivity.”

McLeod Software is the leading provider of transportation dispatch, accounting, operations, and brokerage management software and document management systems. LoadPay will be integrated within McLeod Software to provide its customers the unique payment option that will save time and money for all parties involved. Using the mobile applications, real-time visibility into carrier cash flow will also improve communications between transportation partners.

“ products have been helpful to the transportation industry for years,” said Tom McLeod, Founder and CEO of McLeod Software. “The new LoadPay product will provide a big benefit to the carrier and to the freight broker, streamlining the transaction in a safe and secure way.”

LoadPay also eliminates the need to ask carriers for banking information, thus reducing the risk borne by shippers and logistics providers of information being stolen.

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