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Truckers: Reduce your total cost of operation by choosing the right heavy-duty engine oil

Reducing costs as an independent owner-operator or small fleet operator can make or break your business. Every decision you make affects your bottom line. Budgets are tight and choosing the right heavy-duty engine oil is an important decision when considering truck maintenance.  

The Purpose of Heavy Duty Engine Oil  

A well-kept engine can extend the life of your truck investment. Heavy-duty engine oil can increase the life of your engine, increase your fuel economy, and protect your engine components.  

Things to Consider Before Choosing an oil:  

  • Are you willing to invest more in high-quality oil to preserve your engine for a longer period of time?  
  • What are your long-term goals for your business?  
  • What is your expected return on investment?  

We recommend contacting the Mystik® product line (1-855-4-MYSTIK (855-469-7845)) for recommendations on a Mystik heavy-duty engine oil that will work for you.  
Consider a product like Mystik® JT-8® SHD Synthetic Blend Heavy Duty Engine Oil. The Mystik JT-8 SHD brand focuses on providing the right balance between achieving optimum engine and oil service life capability while ensuring a positive return on investment.   

What else can an independent trucker do besides selecting a higher performance engine oil to protect their investment and reduce the total cost of operation? 

  • Coolant Maintenance

    • 40-50% of premature engine failures that are believed to be lubrication related are often the result of cooling system maintenance problems. Not maintaining the coolant integrity can lead to engine component damage and can result in coolant contamination of the engine oil, which leads to lubrication-related engine failures. 
  • Routine Oil Analysis

    • Other lubrication related problems that can be detected by routine oil analysis include fuel dilution, dirt contamination from an improperly maintained air induction and air filter system, and any fueling system or fuel injector problem. A few dollars spent on performing oil sample analysis may mean the difference in saving $30,000 on engine replacement.  

Extending engine durability and engine life by making consistently smart business decisions can reduce your overall costs as a business owner. Heavy-duty engine oil, at less than 1% of the total annual operating cost for a Class 8 truck, can improve your bottom line.
This post is sponsored by Mystik Lubricants

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