Five Reasons We Appreciate Truckers

In honor of  National Truck Driver Appreciation Week #NTDAW, we’re saluting the truck drivers who understand that while tough times don’t last, tough truckers do.

1. The Time You Put In


When you’re earning a per-mile paycheck, your wheels are (nearly) always turning and your days are (nearly) always long. That’s why truckers often say it’s not a job, but a lifestyle. 

2. The Amazing View from the Cab


Driving 400-500 miles a day takes you through some interesting terrain, with unparalleled sights to boot. And those sights stick with you.


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3. The Stuff You Have to Put Up With


The laundry list of business questions, regulations, and day-to-day decisions you balance on the job – which most civilians and new drivers don’t know about – is about a mile long.

4. Your Persistence and Patience


The military isn’t the only institution to perfect the art of “hurry up and wait.” You might cover 2,200 miles a week, only to get stuck at a DC whose dock foreman is out to lunch.

5. Your Dedication


If a consumer bought it, you brought it. If trucking stops, the nation does too. And while you’re not waiting for a medal, some understanding and gratitude for the role you play is much deserved.

🇺🇸 Thank you, truckers, for all you to do keep our great nation moving! 🇺🇸

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