Trans4Cast for the Week of April 24th, 2017


Total MDI: Up 1.4 points from the previous week
The MDI is a measure of relative truck demand in the spot market. It compares load availability to truck availability.

The MDI for Total equipment increased 1.4 points in the latest week to 26.8, an increase of 5.4%. Compared to last year the MDI is up 14.7 points, or 120.5%. Over the last 4 weeks it has averaged an increase of 0.9 points. According to the Market Outlook from FTR we should expect to see MDI average an increase of 2.3 points over the next four weeks.


Load Availability: Increased 8.3% from the previous week

Load Availability for Total equipment on increased 8.3 % in the latest week to an index value of 114.4. Compared to last year, Availability is up 64.3%. Over the last 4 weeks Availability has averaged an increase of 2.56%.

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