Trans4Cast: MDI Rates Steadily Increase’s Market Demand Index saw a steady rise through the nine-week period from Feb. 8 through April 11. After a rocky start to 2016, the MDI slipped to 8.30 on Feb. 8, but rebounded over the nine-week period to 15.00 on April 4 before dropping back to 13.99 on the final week of April 11.

Overall rates steadily increase throughout the period, starting at a mark of $1.71 Feb. 8 and increased to $1.87 April 11.

Van rates saw a slow increase throughout the nine-week stint, starting off at $1.53 for the first three weeks of the period, and finishing off a t$1.58 on April 11. Van rates reached a high of $1.60 during the period, those rates coming during the weeks of March 28 and April 4.

Flatbed rates saw a sizable increase, going from a rate of $1.69 on Feb. 8 and steadily increasing to it high of the nine weeks of $1.91 on April 11.

Reefer rates struggled throughout the nine weeks, starting off at a rate of $1.82 on Feb. 8 and dipping to a low of $1.74 Feb. 22 and March 14 before surging to its high of $1.82 on March 28 and dropping back to $1.78 April 11.

Specialized rates remained mostly steady throughout the period, coming in at $2.25 on Feb. 8 and reaching a high of $2.39 April 4 before dropping back to $2.22 one week later.

Diesel fuel prices began the period at just over $2 per gallon at $2.01 and dropped to a low of $1.97 on Feb. 22 before climbing throughout the remainder of the period to $2.12 the last two weeks of April 4 and April 11.

Overall, all grades of gasoline changed direction after sliding since the beginning of the year. After coming in at $1.87 Feb. 8, gasoline reached a low of $1.83 Feb. 15, then began a steady climb to $2.17 April 11.

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