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The Moments that Matter

Within a year of joining Truckstop.com, Victoria Roberts, chief people and culture officer at Truckstop.com, and her team helped increase partner (our word for employee) engagement levels from 60 percent favorability to 91 percent favorability. They did this by creating an atmosphere where partners feel fulfilled, connected, equipped to do their best work, and where they have fun getting stuff done.

Recently, Victoria presented a session at the Women in Trucking (WIT) Accelerate Conference and Expo discussing critical strategies on how to create employee experience programs that drive engagement and customer success.

For those that were not able to attend, here are some of the key takeaways.

  • Transform Human Resources (HR) from a traditional “hire and fire” business function to a comprehensive People and Culture unit focused on encouraging and enabling partners to be their best selves and do their best work.
    • Our philosophy: We believe that we must create the conditions for each partner to feel connected, fulfilled and to have fun and be equipped to do what they do best.
  • Transforming HR into a People and Culture centered unit creates unique experiences and programs that encourage partners to be their best selves. These unique programs enable partners to see how their role directly impacts the customer. By creating a phenomenal partner experience, we elevate engagement and ultimately create a phenomenal customer experience.
  • The global pandemic and the shift to a remote workforce has emphasized the need for connection within the organization. Connectedness includes linking each partner’s role with the company vision and customer experience, as well as ensuring partners have opportunities to connect with one another (even when remote) through leadership, career and individual development training. When partners connect, they become champions within the organization.
  • Part of creating a successful People and Culture environment is being able to measure progress. While it’s easy to track things like turnover, retention, and engagement, it can be much harder to measure behavioral change. Using innovative technology solutions (Truckstop.com uses Harver), companies can monitor behavioral change by looking at things like cultural fit, personality type, and job fit.
  • Regular monthly check-ins are crucial to partner engagement. It gives partners an opportunity to meet with their managers to evaluate stress levels, talk about how they are managing workload, how they are tracking against their goals, and for their manager to help remove barriers.

If you missed the presentation and were registered for the conference, you can access the session and view it here. Slides from the presentation can also be viewed here (scroll down to Victoria’s session Elevating the Employee Experience: Strategies for Meaningful Engagement.

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