The 9 Reasons We Love Truckers

There’s a thousand reasons to love truckers!

This Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing the top 9 reasons why we think truck drivers are amazing.

9. They’re helpers.

You may not know it, but most truck drivers are big teddy bears at heart. They’re part of organizations like Truckers Against Trafficking that aims to keep America safe by training drivers how to recognize and report human trafficking. And there’s the Trucker Buddy program which pairs drivers with teachers to write a class of “pen-pals” to help stimulate the kids interest in reading, writing, travel, and America.

8. They sacrifice.

To the detriment of their health and relationships, they sacrifice themselves for their jobs. It’s an established fact that long-haul truckers suffer an increase in obesity which leads to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and much more. They miss major milestones for the loved ones like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. They also sacrifice their time. They pull over to help less experienced truckers chain up for the first time. They call 9-1-1 and act as first responders when they see an accident. They help change tires and provide directions. They sacrifice for others based on kindness and need.

7. They work hard.

Truckers are among some of the hardest working Americans out there. It’s normal for them to drive up to 11-hours a day (they’d likely drive more if not for the FMCSA’s hours-of-service rules). While limited in the number of hours they can drive, it doesn’t mean that when they pull over and park for night they’re done working. They could be looking for new loads, completing paperwork, making sure their truck is in tip-top shape, figuring out the best route for where they’re going – just to name a few!

6. They learn from their mistakes.

Every day on the job is an education for a truck driver. They are constantly having to assess situations and problem solve on the fly. From finding a safe place to park their truck to navigating a mountain pass in a severe rain storm, truckers are always learning from these experiences and retaining that information for the next time it’ll come in handy. After all, truckers can’t afford to make too many mistakes while driving an 80,000-pound truck; it could lead to an accident or even be fatal.

5. They keep on truckin’.

No matter the storm, the traffic conditions, the stress, the time constraints, or anything else you can think of, truck drivers just keep on going. They don’t make excuses. They have a job to do and people waiting on them to get it done. They do what they need to do to get on the road and keep the wheels rollin’.

4. They make kids smile.

We all know the sound of a trucker’s air horn, and many of us have motioned for a trucker to use their air horn and celebrated when we heard the familiar sound. Not only that, but if you were lucky enough as a little person to ever get inside the cab of a truck, you remember the chrome you had to cross to get several feet up in the air, and the joy you got from sitting in the driver’s seat and moving the steering wheel around.

3. They love America.

It’s partly why they became a truck driver – for a first-hand experience of everything this country has to offer. And they get have that experience in a way nobody else does – from tiny diners on backroads in small towns to traffic congestion in big cities with huge skyscrapers. They’ve seen just about every nook and cranny and all the beauty the United States has to offer, and they share their pride for this country with their fellow Americans.

2. They care.

Every year in December, National Wreaths Across America remembers veterans by placing a wreath at their headstone. Truckers (The Honor Fleet) pay their respects to those who have served by taking part and carrying thousands of wreaths to more and more cemeteries across the United States every year. There’s also the which is a charitable organization founded by a road veteran who saw there was a need to help truck drivers and their families when a crisis has occurred. They help with travel and lodging in the event of an accident, a heart attack or stroke, robberies, assaults, and other tragic events.

1. They keep America movin’.

They keep fresh fruits and vegetables on your table. They make sure you have a Christmas tree for the holidays. They ensure the carefully selected gifts for your loved ones arrive on time. They make sure there’s coffee at your favorite bistro, fuel at your gas station, milk at your grocery store, roofing tiles to protect your house, and the list goes on and on and on. In one way or another, they deliver everything you use and never think about. They keep our economy moving!

If you know a trucker, tell them why you love and appreciate them!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
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