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5 Reasons Brokers Should Become Certified at Truckstop.com's Connected


As a broker, your days are pretty hectic. You have to manage relationships with your customers, book loads with qualified carriers (who are becoming harder and harder to find), and you pull your hair out over the back-office work involved in managing check-calls and processing payment to your carriers. There’s got to be a better

Quit Blaming the Broker: Building Your Business Through Better Relationships

Kevin Rutherford, a third-generation owner-operator from Oregon, recently spoke at Truckstop.com’s Connected 2016 event in Dallas. He shares how building relationships means “doing the hard work” for business success. Rutherford’s talk includes: Building partnerships between owner-operators and brokers. Using technology to help build relationships. Providing the best customer value. How owner-operators can avoid chasing rates