Friday Five: safety blitz dates announced, Fleet CyWatch, infrastructure concerns, and more

Did you know?

The average over-the-road trucker spends 240 nights per year away from home.

Trucking Tip of the Week

The CVSA has announced the dates on the annual International Roadcheck safety blitz. This year, the event will take place June 5-7. Last year, 15 commercial vehicles were inspected every minute by safety inspectors across North America, with 23 percent of trucks and four percent of drivers being placed out of service. Know your vehicle and know your dates to keep from being placed out of service. For more on the International Roadcheck program and inspections, check out the CVSA website.

Technology in Trucking

Technology is becoming an increasingly more prevalent entity in the world of transportation and trucking. With the increase of technology into the transportation arena comes the increase of concern around security breaches. The ATA announced the launch of a product they call Fleet CyWatch. This service is made for fleets to report cybercrimes that affect their operations. Created by the ATA in conjunction with the FBI, Fleet CyWatch is made to increase cyber awareness, prevention, and general risk mitigation. This is very important, as files are becoming electronic and ELDs have GPS devices in them. Cyber security could mean the difference in your load being stolen out from under you while you sleep or even ensuring that you are paid correctly. To learn more, check out the ATA’s press release surrounding Fleet CyWatch.

Infrastructure Concerns

A recent study done by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association reviewed 2017 data and found that of the 612,677 bridges in the US, 54,259 are structurally deficient (Iowa, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois have the most structurally deficient bridges). While this is indeed a large number, there is a silver lining: Last year, that number was above 55,000. At the current rate of repair and replacement, it will take 37 years to finish the current number of deficient bridges.

ELD Update

Idaho, Tennessee, Missouri and South Dakota have all introduced bills this year regarding the Federal ELD mandate. Idaho’s bill, which is a joint bill between the House and Senate (SJM104), was based solely on those who are hauling agricultural products and cattle. Missouri (HR5213) and South Dakota (SCR14) have both issued bills asking the US Congress to repeal the mandate. Missouri has also introduced a second bill (HR2437) that would prevent state workers from enforcing or communicating with the FMCSA regrading those who have not adopted the ELD mandate. Tennessee has introduced similar legislation (HB1962 and SB1936) as well. As of now, none of the proposed state legislation has seen any action. Idaho is in session through the first of April, Missouri through May, South Dakota through March, and Tennessee through mid-April.

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Regulatory Affairs Analyst Jeremy Feucht follows the latest political and legislative processes along with their potential effects on the trucking industry. He has worked in the U.S. Senate and has served as a member of Planning and Zoning, City Council, and Urban Renewal boards.