Real Time Freight Release Notes: Quick Confirm Enhanced

Here are the Highlights from Today’s Release:

Did you know you can Quick Confirm multiple loads right from the load board, saving time?

  • Quick confirm saves time, allowing you to direct tender a load and automatically generate rate confirmation right from your company load board—including multiple loads at a time.
  • Now you can quick confirm to invited carriers you’ve qualified and onboarded.
  • Quick confirm still checks your carrier qualifications.
Confirm loads faster
Confirm loads faster
  • Quick Confirm Enhancements – Now you can search for carriers using company name, MC# and DOT#
  • The person who onboards a carrier you’ve invited is now shown as a contact throughout the TMS. No more manually adding contacts for carriers — even your 200,000 carriers already on the system now have a contact person by default!

We’ve also polished a few performance issues and squashed some bugs, as the road to success is always under construction.


Please reach out to the RTF customer support team if you have questions about this release!

Enhancements Designed with You in Mind

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