Real Time Freight Release Notes: CargoShield Integration

Here are the highlights from today’s release:

Announcing: CargoShield Integrated!

Real Time Freight has just integrated with an easy-to-use, per-load insurance solution that provides broader cargo coverage and peace-of-mind!

  • Link your CargoShield account under “Account->Apps”
  • See the coverage status of each load on the loadboard
  • Add coverage to loads on the new load/edit screen
  • Carriers will also see coverage
RTF CargoShield Setup
To access CargoShield setup, hover over the Account tab, hold the mouse over the Apps tab, and click on CargoShield. From this tab you are able to link and unlink your CargoShield account.
RTF CargoShield Linked Account
This account is already linked. To link your account, click “Login” and sign in with your CargoShield credentials. If you don’t already have a CargoShield account, you can learn more and sign up at
Add CargoShield to a load.

To add CargoShield to a load, simply check the “CargoShield protected” box.
Required fields.
There will be additional required fields, and you’ll have to accept the CargoShield Terms of Use.
Additional information.
You can view additional information on the deductible, exclusions, CargoShield Terms of Use.
Coverage status of a load.
Load Board views will now show the coverage status of a load, including covered, error, and purchase (coverage is not yet purchased). As always, you can use the “Field Chooser” to show/hide this column.
View Load screen.
CargoShield is also viewable within the View Load screen.

General Updates

  • Improvements to On-demand Advanced Reporting
  • Improvements to how rates throughout Rate Box, Fuel Surcharge, Negotiation and Carrier portal

Note: We’ve also polished a few performance issues and squashed some bugs, as the road to success is always under construction.


Please reach out to the RTF customer support team if you have questions about this release!

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