Real Time Freight Release Notes Archive

November 17, 2016:  Improvements to Carrier Portal, BOL, and Favorite Loads

View Shipment items in the Carrier Portal
You can now view shipment items in the carrier portal load detail page by clicking on the hyperlink.

Carrier Name Appears on BOL
The awarded carrier’s company name will appear on the BOL that is generated for any scenario where you would need to create a BOL for a load.

Rates Save for Favorite Loads
When you build out a new load and save it as a favorite, the rates that are entered in the green rate box will now be saved if you included them to be stored on any future loads. For instance, if I have a load that is always $1800 line-haul, $60 stop off charge , and $40 lumper, the favorite will save that data when you go to create a new load. You can also save the marked up rate to the customer if you elect to do so.

October 21, 2016: Qualify by DOT Authority Type

Restrict or Enable DOT Only Carriers
TMS users asked for restricting or enabling carriers based on DOT authority and now you have it. By clicking on CQM (Carrier Qualification Management) or Onboard now setup, you’ll notice we added 3 authority types to either be restricted or enabled:

  1. Interstate
  2. Intrastate
  3. Intrastate Hazmat

This will allow you to safeguard or qualify Interstate, Intrastate, and Intrastate hazmat carriers based on their DOT when awarding a load or onboarding a carrier. To enable, make sure there is no checkmark in the box. To restrict, make sure there is a checkmark in the box.

September 23, 2016: Multi-Route, Track and Trace, and Lots Of Other Enhancements!

NEW Multi-Route Load Entry Page with Updated Rate Confirmation Sheet
Allows users to enter multi stop loads with PU and DEL times while associating shipment items to the specific stop offs. This also pushes the shipment item information to the Rate Confirmation Sheet/tender. This is Phase 1 of 2. Phase 2 will consist of a redesigned order entry screen to enable even faster order entry and organization. Stay tuned!

 Custom Freight Data searching capability within the Track & Trace board
Users now have the ability to search their custom freight data fields on the track & trace board. Try it for yourself. Go to the Track & Trace board and click “new search” on the top right. From here you can select customer freight data fields to search by and SAVE your searches. Saving searches is particularly helpful if you have defined ownership or segmentation of your loads. With just one click you can segment your loads however you wish (this is the same as the load board)

Carrier Master Enhancements
Sort and searching – Users can now sort and search by the fields on the carrier master allow you to see and organize your invited carriers and your outside carriers in one place. Additionally, we customized your display – Users can now define what fields they see on the carrier master.

Submit Carrier offer with additional contacts
When submitting a carrier offer, users have the ability to add a separate contact on the offer. This enables easier access to the actual contact at the carrier rather than just the one that onboarded the carrier. Stay tuned for the ability to send the tender to multiple contacts.

Track & Trace Actual vs Reported time and date stamps
The carrier portal will now have actual time and date entry for track & trace notes in the TMS. This will allows TMS users to see actual vs reported notes and check call time/date.

Truckload BOL on Standard load screen
TMS users asked for a TL BOL and now you have it.  On the top right hand corner of a confirmed load is a link to the truckload BOL.  This can be used to transmit shipment items information as well.

August 25, 2016: Excel Exporting, Dynamic Invoice, and BOL Enhancements

  • Fixed a bug with some versions of excel when exporting the accounts payable list view, export away!
  • Updated dynamic invoice with requested fields.
  • BOL available on Truckload load details page, check it out on the top right hand corner!

August 3, 2016: Training Video – NEW Accounts Payable Module!

You asked for it, we’ve built it! You’ve told us that you love the Accounts Receivable in RTF but you’d also like to track your Accounts Payable in the same place. Well you’ve got it! We’ve launched the new Accounts Payable Module, where you can manage invoices, compare a carrier invoice to your rate confirmation sheet, and report on records. Carriers can attach POD and BOL, add accessorials and submit invoices directly to your AP module, and you can communicate back and forth within the module, no phone calls, no emails!

If you missed our training webinar on Tuesday, 8/2, please feel free to click on the link below to view the presentation.

New Fields:

  • Account > Accounting > Accounts Payable
    • Main screen showing summary information – outstanding invoices to review
    • Accounts Payable list view
      • Comprehensive display of all AP from RTF
      • Ability to create a new AR record is load was not in RTF
      • List export
      • Filter by stage
      • Workflow to manage submitted/approved/paid invoices
      • Audit rate confirmation vs invoice submitted
      • Attachments to AP records
      • Email/print invoices here
    • Carrier Portal
      • Manage all Accounting receivable
      • Workflow to submit electronic invoices
      • Attachment images/documents to the Invoice
      • Create new AR records for loads outside RTF
      • Email AR invoices to anyone

August 3, 2016: Training Video – Invoice Library

You asked for it, we’ve built it! You’ve told us that in your Accounts Receivable, you need to be able to create invoices with specific formatting or specific information. We’ve added the Invoice Library which allows you to customize invoices to shippers as needed. If you missed our training webinar on Tuesday, 8/2, please feel free to click on the link below to view the presentation.

New Fields:

  • Account>Document Management>Templates
    • Users can now add, remove, set as default invoice templates
  • Account>Customer Master>Edit>Billing
    • Users can now assign a specific invoice template to a specific customer
  • Account>Accounting>Accounts Receivable>Invoice
    • User can change the invoice template on the fly
    • User now has the ability to attach documents to the AR Invoice
    • User can select which documents to expose to the customer when sending the Invoice

August 3, 2016: Training Video – LTL Fields and Sales Rep

You asked for it, we’ve built it! We’ve added features to Carrier Master, which allows you to manage all your carrier relationships (both invited and outside carriers). You can now add multiple contacts to a carrier on your Carrier Master list. You can also add a contact to a load dispatch for when you are tendering to a partner with multiple contacts. If you missed our training webinar on Tuesday, 8/2, please feel free to click on the link below to view the presentation.

Carrier Master

  • Account>Carrier Master>Edit>Contacts
    • Contact profiles for carriers – allow users to add multiple contacts to a carrier.
  • When dispatching a load, the user now can add a contact to the dispatch. This is in place in case you are tendering to a transportation partner with multiple contacts you deal with.

August 3, 2016: Training Video – LTL Fields and Sales Rep

You asked for it, we’ve built it! We’ve added fields related to shipment items to the load board, reporting, and track and trace. You can also now add and report on a sales rep. If you missed our training webinar on Tuesday, 8/2, please feel free to click on the link below to view the presentation.

New Fields

  • Load Board>Advance Reporting>New>Fields – new fields available
  • Load board>Field chooser field chooser – new fields available
  • Track and trace>field chooser – new fields available
  • Field Added
    • Shipment Item #
    • Shipment Item {name}
    • Freight Class
    • Weight (lbs)
    • PCS [pieces]
    • PLT [pallets]
    • Cubic Feet
    • Density (PCF)
    • Sales Rep – assigned in the customer master (can add more than one)
    • Accessorial Fee {name}
    • Accessorial Cost

July 29, 2016: Huge Release of New Modules – Dynamic Invoices, Accounts Payable, and Carrier Master

RTF users can now view additional LTL fields on their Company Freight Board, Track & Trace Board and within Advanced Reporting.

You now have a Carrier Master list where you can manage multiple contacts for each Carrier.

Carrier Qualification Management (CQM) Enhancements

  • MC # and DOT # will now be hyperlinked so you can verify their qualifications and eligibility.
  • TMS users can now send Carrier invitations to your network via CQM Carrier Profile.

Invoice Enhancements

  • You can now attach documents while sending an invoice. These attachments/documents will come from the Carrier Portal, Customer Portal and the Track and Trace milestones. Users can pick and choose how these are shared.
  • The new invoice library allows you to select invoice templates for customers via Customer Master.
    • While creating an invoice you can now change the template.
  • Introducing the new Accounts Payable module-
    • RTF TMS users will now be able to manage, audit, and eliminate paperwork within RTF TMS Accounts Payable and the Carrier Portal.
    • Carrier Portal users will now have an accounting platform where they will be able to send electronic invoices and manage their receivables, attach documents and add accessorial charges.
      • Carriers are able to create and send carrier invoices to anyone, even if loads did not originate in the TMS.
    • Please reach out to the RTF team for more details on this exciting release!

March 25, 2016: Huge Release of New Modules – Dynamic Invoices, Accounts Payable, and Carrier Master

Support for the new brand launch (New website launching next week)

  • New login pages for all products – will retain your bookmarks and browser saved credentials. Fresh coat of paint!
  • Update Logos throughout the product – you may need to refresh your cache to see the new logos. The new logo is “spot” on!

Mobile device imaging support – iPhone and android phones can now attach docs in system from images. this can be done in the TMS or the carrier portal and would be great for PODS, receipts, images of claims, baby pictures etc…

CQM/Onboard now enhancements:

  • Updated My invited carriers status to show “Unqualified” instead of “Invited” if the carrier is rejected by onboard now course logic.
  • Carrier will be able to see why they are unqualified when trying to onboard.
  • If carrier is unqualified due to no insurance cert on file. The TMS user can submit a request for CIVS to obtain the insurance cert via easy button.  This is only for those fo you mitigating your risk with our CQM carrier monitoring module.
  • Don’t forget, the system, now allows you to onboard Brokers and Freight Forwarders as well as carriers.

Invoice – New invoice updated to allow multiple modes (LTL and TL) on consolidated invoices and add/edit accessorial line items.

Added a link to the load modification email alert to directly access load in carrier portal.

Added a few freight types for customers

  • Cylinders
  • Cases

Removed right hand menu in TMS and obsolete links to free up some space for a new embedded Business Intelligence tool COMING SOON.

Added a “schedule training” direct link in TMS left hand menu for direct customer support

Feb 12, 2016: Huge Release of New Modules – Dynamic Invoices, Accounts Payable, and Carrier Master

  • Onboard Now – Now able to onboard Broker Only and Freight Forwarding Authorities
  • Updated carrier profiles with US-DOT numbers where only the MC number existed
  • Onboarding contracts updated to include US-DOT numbers
  • com integration now passes MC and US-DOT profile information
  • Invoice – New standard invoice now includes shipment items and line time breakdown
  • Carrier Portal – Bypass tendered load offers and launch user direct to load board
  • FSC – Enhancements to logic
  • Quick Source RFP – Enhancements to workflow
  • Added several trailer types to order entry screen
  • iPad calibration for some screens
  • Rate confirmation sheet updates – driver information

Jan 6, 2016: Your Freight History in Rate Analysis

The industry’s best rating tool just got better! Our most recent enhancement to Rate Analysis now allows connectivity to your freight history directly from your TMS or from a file upload.

  • STOP paying for multiple rating engines!
  • STOP using spreadsheets to manage pricing!
  • STOP having to keep track of history and data from several sources!
  • START increasing confidence in your pricing by including your history
  • START gaining visibility to how your rates are calculated
  • START focusing on other projects and leave the pricing to Rate Analysis.

RTF TMS subscribers, this data is already in your account! Have fun!