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Why Truckstop.com Pay? Eliminate ACH, check, wire, and advance payment costs. Turnkey quick pay program for your Carriers. Plus, you earn 2% on every quick pay load. Eliminate time-consuming payment inquiries. 100% FREE for Shippers Sign Up Free Turnkey quick pay program Give your carriers a way to get paid faster. Learn More → How

Turnkey Quick Pay

Brokers love quick pay. Here’s why: Get paid 2% on every quick pay load. Learn more. Provide a turnkey, hands-off quick pay solution to your carriers. Give your carriers options that keep them moving, with multiple payment methods including same-day ACH, next-day ACH, wire transfer, and fuel card. Improve your days to pay rating. Eliminate

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These Terms and Conditions govern your access to our LoadPay (DBA Truckstop Pay) product (the “Servicer”), related information, and any related services provided to you by us through the Truckstop.com site (the “Site”). We are not a bank, a money transmitter or a money services business (“MSB”) and we do not offer banking, money transmission

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You make 2% on every quick pay load. You pay on the load the business day after the carrier selects quick pay. Carriers pay 2.99%. 2% goes to you and 0.99% to Truckstop.com Pay. You trust the Truckstop.com Load Board to help you find capacity, now trust us to get your carriers paid. Get started


  1 Research, Setup, and Testing Determine the best method of getting payment information into Pay Send test payments to select carriers     2 Go Live, and Account Reconciliation Test ACH withdrawal from your bank Test payment reconciliation with your accounting system Submit payments through Pay with carrier email 3 Dedicated Long-Term Support Assignment


  1 Processes the payment.     2 Notifies carrier of payment.     3 Answers any inquiries.   4 Issues payment to carrier via ACH. Put Pay to work for you. FREE to brokers! Eliminate ACH, check, wire, and advance payment costs. Make 2% on every quick pay load. Offer Pay to your carriers