Power User Training: Load Tracking


Here at Truckstop.com, we want to ensure that our valued customers receive the best bang for their buck. Part of that is to ensure that our carriers know and understand the benefits of the services they are paying for and how to maximize their potential. One of our newest products, however, is free for the carrier to use.

Load Tracking is a product that’s designed to help with communication between the broker and the driver. It is 100% free for the carrier and allows the broker to receive location updates of where the load is and if the load has been picked up and dropped off at the times specified.

All a driver has to do is download the Truckstop Mobile application to their smartphone. Once the application has been downloaded, brokers can search directly for those with the application available. This becomes a quick way to separate oneself from the hundreds of thousands of other drivers that use the Truckstop.com load board.

Tracking of loads must be approved by the driver before the broker can receive any locations updates and tracking ends as soon as the driver signals their truck is empty. Before a load can be tracked, the driver would need to accept the load via a text message that will direct them to the Truckstop Mobile application. By choosing to accept a load track request, a driver has eliminated several hassles: First, no more calls asking when the load will be picked up. The broker will immediately receive information when the load has been accepted and when the driver arrives at the point of origin and departs for the end destination. Second, no more will drivers be hounded to find out where they are and how far they are from dropping off the load. Brokers will be able to see, via a breadcrumb trail, where their load is and will be notified when the load has reached the destination. Finally, the driver can use Load Tracking to provide details around detention time issues. After the load reaches the destination, the driver can indicate when empty or the application will simply do it automatically after the driver has left.

With distracted driving laws becoming increasingly more stringent and their fine schedules ever raising, anything that can keep the driver’s hands on the wheel and more attentive to the road in front of them is golden. As drivers continue to be heavily regulated, anything that can keep them on the road, wheels turning becomes an asset. Truckstop Mobile application and Load Tracking are two services that come at no fee for the carrier.

At this time, where rates are falling short of where they once were, anything that carriers can do to differentiate themselves from their competitors is helpful. Being able to do that without a cost is even more important.

Something as simple as downloading Truckstop Mobile application can put you ahead of the curve. In the future, the Truckstop.com load board will allow brokers to sort and choose carriers that have accepted load tracking offers. This will, again, allow a carrier to set themselves apart from their competition and get into a position to receive more and better loads. Technology is coming to the trucking industry. Brokers and shippers are looking for ways to become more efficient. Carriers that can help them reach their desired efficiency will be rewarded.

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