How Attending Connected Will Help Your Trucking Business

Are you an owner-operator or carrier thinking about going to’s Connected Conference, but you’re just not quite convinced that it’ll be worth it?

Maybe you know you want to go, but you’re not sure how to justify the expense. After all, it can seem like a big risk to take yourself or some of your trucks off the road for a couple of days of training. If the wheels aren’t moving, you’re not making any money.

Instead of thinking about it in terms of time not spent on the road, think about it in terms of how attending Connected will pay off for your business over the course of the next year. How? We’re glad you asked!

It’s a great opportunity to network.

One of the primary purposes of Connected is to build better relationships with other freight professionals. It is designed for transportation partners to network and discover ways to work better together. We build a lot of networking time into the event, including an opening night reception (May 15) and off-site activity to encourage attendees to talk openly and get to know one another. There are a lot of brokers who attend; when carriers and owner-operators get to know them, they can build partnerships to work with each other in the future. 

Increase your profit margins.

A primary function of Connected is to teach users how to maximize the tools they’re already using. There is a lot of functionality within the Load Board that many people don’t know about – things that can simplify the job of finding loads or getting good rates. When you have more information, you can do more with less. That means more time to do other business-related tasks, and that means more money in your pocket.

We also do a deep dive into industry best practices and will be going into the future of digital logistics which is changing and expanding every day.

You’ll get certified product training.

In addition to the incredible hands-on training that comes with the general Connected Conference, carriers are invited to join us for a Power User Certification Course, May 14-15.

We’re very fortunate to have Kevin Rutherford of Let’s Truck and host of SiriusXM’s Trucking Business & Beyond presenting the Carrier Power User Certification Course!

The primary purpose of the Power User Certification Course is to cover major content areas directly relevant to a carrier’s day-to-day business processes. Attendees receive take-home materials, job aids, tips and tricks for using tools, and access to a Certified Power User Community where you can connect and problem solve with others like you.

Are you convinced that you want to be there, but now you’re not sure how to make it happen?

The biggest piece of advice we can offer for justifying the trip to Phoenix is getting a load there and back. If you can get the miles covered by taking a load into and out of Phoenix, you can feel better about having your truck parked there while you’re taking part in training that will increase your profit margins in the long run.


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