Freight News Friday: 10-4, the New NAFTA, & More Truckers on the Road

Did You Know?

Oct. 4 is National CB Radio Day! “10-4” means “transmission received” and is widely used by anyone who uses a CB or ham radio. Oct. 4 was adopted by truckers since they are among the most prevalent users of CBs.

Trucking Tip of the Week

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) extended the comment period to Oct. 10 for a potential change to the hours of service regulations. They are seeking comments regarding short haul operations, adverse conditions, the 30-minute break, the split-sleeper provision, and the 14-hour rule. Submit your comments using the “Comment Now!” box in the top right corner.


Now that a new deal has been reached between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, truckers can continue to travel across international borders. The fear of truckers being unable to run lanes across the borders has been avoided. The deal was signed Sunday, Sept. 30 but will need to be ratified by the legislation of each country. According to the American Trucking Association, 50,000 truckers and 7 million jobs were at stake if a deal was not reached.

ELDs and Trucking

The ELD mandate has brought greater awareness to the nation regarding capacity, as well as its share of surprises. Initially, many truckers said they’d leave the industry altogether, and some of that has occurred, but we’ve also had a 4% increase of truckers on the road. That’s about 140,000 new truckers! Time will tell what this means for the capacity crunch that’s crippled the industry, but it could also speak volumes as to why rates have not continued to climb.

General News

The U.S. Supreme Court heard a case on Wednesday, Oct. 3 that was filed in the lower courts three years ago. The New Prime Inc. v. Oliveira case has massive implications for leased-on truckers and company drivers regarding wages. Verdicts for cases that go to the Supreme Court can take a week to eight weeks to come back. Check out the transcripts of the oral arguments (audio isn’t out yet).

Regulatory Affairs Analyst Jeremy Feucht follows the latest political and legislative processes along with their potential effects on the trucking industry. He has worked in the U.S. Senate and has served as a member of Planning and Zoning, City Council, and Urban Renewal boards.