Where to Get Free Coffee for #NationalCoffeeDay

We found it out it’s #NationalCoffeeDay Friday September 29th, and some businesses are offering free or discounted coffee…but we wouldn’t be Truckstop.com if we didn’t add some incredible data to it to empower our drivers and brokers!*

1. Get BOGO coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts.

When you buy a medium or larger hot coffee, you score a medium hot coffee, free! More here

2. Krispy Kreme is offering free hot or iced coffee.

Better yet, you can get this National Coffee Day freebie all weekend long, September 29 – October 1, 2017. (Not valid at grocery/convenience stores or Krispy Kreme locations in CT Casinos, Wichita, KS, Florence, SC, Branson, MO, or Springfield, MO). More here

3. Tim Hortons is offering free coffee through their app.

From September 29th until October 6th, 2017, get a free Original Blend, Decaf, Dark Roast or Iced Coffee in any size with the Tim Horton’s app. More here

4. Get your free coffee fix at Pilot and Flying J.

This coupon entitles you to a free, small Pilot Coffee, cappuccino, or small hot tea. More here

5. Roll on in to Cinnabon for free coffee.

Friday, September 29th, Cinnabon is giving out 12 oz. cups of coffee! More here

*Dunkin’ Donuts®, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts®, Tim Hortons®, Pilot®, Flying J®, and Cinnabon® are registered trademark names of their respective owners. Truckstop.com is not affiliated with these companies.

But wait–there’s more!

Of course our data guys at Truckstop.com couldn’t leave that alone. Instead, we made this massive map of almost 7,000 locations with an offer!

Disclaimer: Truckstop.com is not affiliated or working with these organizations. We are just using publicly available data to have a little National Coffee Day Fun. We used information about retail locations from 3rd party websites which may be out of date. Please verify all offers and locations on the websites of participating retailers. You can find the locations these stores at the store lookup for each company here: Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Tim Hortons, Pilot and Flying J, Cinnabon.


Our rates team saw the data and wanted to kick the tires on our speedy Rate Analysis platform.

We took a list of about 8,000 locations where you can get free or discounted coffee and matched them with another random coffee location off the same list, getting 78,840 freight lanes on 4 different equipment types/modes. Move some Dunkin’ from the store in Delmar, MD to the one at 4175 Washington in Roslindale, MA? Restock the Pilot in on Knox Rd. in Mcleansville, NC with some donuts from Krispy Kreme in Clive, IA? You get the idea…not real loads, but there certainly is freight on those lanes! Even some of the smallest towns have spot freight that runs at a certain market rate, and real loads/trucks on our board right now ready for business.

Disclaimer: All of the below data is pulled from anonymized, aggregate data from past Truckstop.com loads, and is not information about actual shipments from or for these retailers.

Move Some Whole Bean Coffee – Van Rates

Fill your Van with bags of beans fresh off the boat! Running 8,000 van lanes from coffee shop to coffee shop, here are some of the highlights:

Predictably Delicious – $6,080

Pilot, Oakland OR to Dunkin’, Pelham NH – Van, 3,269 mi.

This lane averages a whopping $6,080…and in case you thought that is just a fluke, it saw 27 units this week! It is likely driven in part by the lopsided 2,361 loads in Oregon to 44 trucks on Truckstop.com Pro’s Decision Tools.

Don’t Spill! – From -14.41% to +19.31%

Dunkin’, Streetsboro OH to Flying J, Houston, TX – Van, -14.41%
Tim Hortons, Fairborn OH to Dunkin’, Chicago, IL – Van, +19.31%

We all know the spot market is volatile, and our 30-day Rate Forecasting projection from FTR and Truckstop.com is showing some big swings on some lanes. No surprise that into Houston rates continue to drop after Harvey, but Ohio is a bit of the surprise, with the highest and lowest forecasted lanes originating in the same state! Ohio has 4,659 loads waiting to move on just 98 trucks according to Pro!

Move Some Donut Dough – Reefer Rates

Nothing better for National Coffee Day than some fresh donuts! We looked at 8,000-ish reefer rates from random addresses on our list of free/discount locations.

Better Drink Some More Coffee – 3,289 mi.

Dunkin’, Seattle Wa to Tim Hortons, Caribou ME – Reefer, 3,289 mi.

The longest lane we saw on our reefer coffee runs, from down on MLK Blvd. in Seattle, to the very Canadian-sounding Tim Hortons in Caribou, ME, yet it wasn’t even the least busy lane, with 28 units this week ranging from the average $7,367 up to a max this year of $9,373! Could be because of the mere 52 loads Decision Tools is showing to get out of Maine. Don’t get too excited now, Rate Forecasting is showing it down 2.62% in the coming 30 days. There are a couple trucks listed for the lane today, though!

Not So Sweet – $240

Tim Hortons, Johnston RI, to Dunkin’, Greenville RI – Reefer, $240

With 2,600 units in the general area in the last week, I guess you take what you can get sometimes! With a max over the last 12 months of just $240 paid rate, this lane was our lowest for reefer. Of course it was just 6 miles 🙂

Think That Big Pink Donut From The Simpsons Will Fit on My Flatbed? – Flatbed Rates

We’re not leaving the flats out for Coffee Day! We ran 8,000 lanes for the flatbed rate.

Too Sweet? No Such Load! – $5789.42 forecast

Cinnabon, Salinas CA to Dunkin’ Norton, MA – Flat, $5,185.03

We all know that flatbed can be tricky and have some special requirements…you might even have to help strap down a 30 foot tall pink metal donut. Well if you do, and then haul it all the way diagonally across the US, it will be worth your while, with our 12-month highest paid rate for this lane landing at a massive $28,438! This lane is always not too shabby at the usual $5,185.03 this week, but we still see it up to $5,789.42 by the end of October. As with everywhere right now, there are a lot of loads hanging out in CA, with not too many trucks (2,491 loads to 255 trucks).

Maple Bars on The Open Road – 1,533 mi. and 905 units on Canada lanes

Tim Hortons, Coquitlam BC, CA to Dunkin’, Marco Island FL,US – Flat, 3,418 mi., 23 units

If you’re wanting to move some maple bars or Timmies coffee, it might be a lonely trail. Lanes going to or from (or between) our Canadian shops had an average of 1,533 miles, compared to the US average haul of 885. At the same time, there were just 904 rates reported per lane in CA, compared with the 3,053 reports per US lane in the last week…at least you won’t have to fight traffic while you sip your joe!

Going On A Diet – LTL Van

If you’re like me, you might wanna keep your truck on the road a few extra years…meaning you need to cut back on the sweets and coffee! Here are some of the interesting rates from LTL loads on the “Free Coffee Day” list of lanes.

Crazy RPM Action – $7.51+

Dunkin’ Donuts, Lusby MD to Dunkin’ Donuts, Dover NH – LTL, 526 mi.

Not surprisingly, the highest RPM goes to an LTL lane, with several lanes coming in at $7.51. There were some LTL lanes in the $10’s, but only a few loads this week, likely a random one. Many were short, as you might expect, but there were some partials with decent miles like this one from MD to NH.

The Whopper Load – $22,840!

Tim Hortons, Fairborn OH, to Flying J, Black River Falls WI – LTL, 571 mi.

Like a little latte, short, small, and sweet. This load was just a quick jaunt from OH to WI, only a partial load, but packed a whopping price tag! Part of this is the crushing market outlook in Ohio right now, with 5285 loads looking to get on just 102 trucks. That is 51 loads to 1 truck! The rate trend on RateMate from OH to WI is a steep slant up since March this year.




Disclaimer: This post includes forecasts, projections and other predictive statements that represent Truckstop.com’s assumptions and expectations in light of currently available information. These forecasts, etc., are based on industry trends, circumstances involving clients, and other factors. They involve risks, variables and uncertainties. Actual performance results may differ from those projected in this publication. Consequently, no guarantee is presented or implied as to the accuracy of specific forecasts, projections or predictive statements contained herein.
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