Fraud and Scams: Challenges and Successful Outcomes

Approaching unforeseen circumstances in a positive and professional manner generally yields the most favorable results. Author Charles R. Swindoll coined the phrase “Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it.” In business and in our personal lives, we are judged not on what happens, but how we respond and react towards others in the process.

Every aspect of business requires a genuine drive to succeed in order to survive. Around every corner there are opportunities for success or failure when dealing with circumstances that are often beyond our control. The ability to respond and adapt in a professional manner is vital to the health of any business, especially in our ever-changing environment.

Whether you’re the owner of a small brokerage, a single truck owner-operator, a large firm, or somewhere in-between, a premium is placed on the peace of mind necessary to balance our personal and professional lives.

The transportation industry faces its own ongoing and unique list of challenges with new regulations and other requirements that are changing, almost daily, how we operate. At, we face major challenges in managing the rapid and ever-changing aspects of the trucking transportation with a primary focus on successfully developing new products and services that help meet our customers’ needs in an ever changing operating climate.

LoadPay and CargoShield are examples of two recently developed services designed to provide our customers with tools that enhance the success of their business.

With LoadPay you will no longer have to worry about when and how you’ll be paid on a load. Simply negotiate the pay date and terms and receive your money deposited directly into your account. There are multiple options and features within LoadPay including a PayMeNow feature that allow carriers to get paid when they need cash. LoadPay is also designed to protect carriers, brokers, and shippers against potential identity theft. Payments for each load are deposited directly into your bank account on the agreed upon payment date, eliminating the need for collection calls. You can choose which loads you want to use LoadPay. If you have established relationships with brokers you routinely work with, LoadPay may not be as necessary. However, if you are working with new brokers, LoadPay is a sure safe way to avoid the risk of not being paid.

CargoShield is a load based “all risk” insurance policy for individual loads. When a shipper is using a new brokerage, and a broker is using a new carrier, CargoShield will go above and beyond the carrier’s cargo insurance policy, for those “just in case” events in life. The load is covered from origin to destination, reducing the loss caused by double brokering and identity theft.

With small brokerages who have not yet established the necessary cash flow and equity, delays in contracted payment terms on a traditional cargo insurance claim generally takes a considerable amount of time and effort while most CargoShield claims are paid within 30 days. With CargoShield identity theft and cargo theft claims are covered in most situations.

For more information on LoadPay or CargoShield please visit and Or give us a call at 800-203-2540 and select option No. 2 to reach one of our account managers.