ELD Marketplace Vendor Spotlight: Glostone

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Truckstop.com has created an ELD marketplace to help carriers navigate the many available ELD options. We’ve researched and vetted many of the vendors in the market today and have brought who we believe are the best into one place for the trucking industry to view and get information. Over the next three months, we will spotlight a specific vendor. To view this marketplace, visit eld.truckstop.com.

This week’s spotlight is on Glostone Trucking Solutions and their ELD option: GeoTab.

What’s your company background (e.g. when did you enter the market, what’s your specialty, why was the company founded)?

Glostone Trucking Solutions was founded as a regulatory compliance company in 1996 in order to help carriers navigate the increasingly complex regulations required in the trucking industry. We vetted various ELD solutions and selected Glostone’s GeoTab as our ELD of choice. We based our decision upon quality of product, accuracy, ease-of-use, competitive pricing, technical support, financial stability, and the ability to customize GeoTab with additional applications.

Give a brief overview of your solution(s).

GeoTab is a plug-and-play asset location recording device that connects to the truck’s ECM. Combining your own in-cab device with the installation of the free GeoDrive application creates the ELD component. The GeoTab marketplace also offers over 100 additional applications that can further customize the technology to your specific needs. GeoTab units are low cost, no contract required, and are easily replaced free of charge as new and evolving technology requires. You can also purchase your ELD device from GeoTab if you don’t want to bring your own device.

How is your solution different from others on the market?

What really separates the GeoTab product from others on the market is the ease of customization to your specific needs through simple downloads from the marketplace. Additionally, Glostone is a regulatory compliance expert that can apply their expertise with the GeoTab technology to offer clients an ongoing, full-service compliance program that includes training, back office support, edits, reporting, record keeping, maintenance scheduling, driver performance, and more.

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Who is your ideal customer?

Glostone’s GeoTab product is ideally suited for carriers with 1 to 500 trucks who don’t want to change their business focus from trucking to being technology managers, yet want the benefits technology can add to their business.

What one piece of advice would you give someone shopping for an ELD solution?

Make sure the provider you are buying from has been in the business for a substantial time and has a solid financial backing. There are a great deal of ELD providers today that will not survive the coming market consolidation. Don’t buy just because it’s the cheapest option, as you just may have to re-purchase should the provider not survive.

What are best practices for driver adoption and implementation?

Take the time to learn how the device works. ELDs are new for everyone, including the enforcement folks at the scales. Being able to explain and show how your device works will positively impact the outcome of a roadside inspection.

Why was it important to work with Truckstop.com?

It is important to team up with partners who share your commitment values. The outcome makes everyone better. Truckstop.com has an unparalleled commitment to the industry whose values, honesty, and integrity make them an extremely valuable partner that you can trust.

Visit Glostone Trucking Solutions on Truckstop.com’s ELD Marketplace here.

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