ELD Market Vendor Spotlight: Omnitracs


Just launched: Truckstop.com’s new ELD marketplace helps carriers navigate the many available ELD options. We’ve researched and vetted many of the vendors in the market today and have brought who we believe are the best into one place for the trucking industry to view and get information. Over the next three months, we’re spotlighting our selected vendors. To view this marketplace, visit eld.truckstop.com. This week’s spotlight is on Omnitracs.

 What’s your company background?

Omnitracs has been around since 1988 when we pioneered the use of commercial vehicle telematics. Omnitracs is well known for its long history in the industry and serves today as a powerhouse of innovative technologies. We help our more than 12,000 customers manage nearly 1.1 million assets in more than 70 countries.

Give a brief overview of your solution(s).

Omnitracs has a variety of truck fleet management software platforms to address customers’ specific needs. From a suite of intuitive apps ready to work with off-the-shelf devices and smartphones, to on-board mobile computing platforms in the vehicle, we offer many options. Our fleet management platforms offer both in-cab and out-of-cab delivery of safety, compliance, routing, productivity, and analytics solutions.

How is your solution different from others on the market?

We have 30 years of experience in the industry, working with fleets of all sizes ranging from owner-operator to some of the largest fleets in the industry. This expertise translates into solutions that comply with government regulations and allow customers to be as safe and productive as possible. We are committed to developing cost-effective solutions to meet the ever-expanding needs of our diverse customer base. In addition to this, Omnitracs offers best-in-class, 24/7/365 customer support.

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Who is your ideal customer?

We serve fleet customers of all sizes, both long haul and short haul. Any company or owner-operator with vehicles — whether a carrier or a distribution company — looking to work with a market leader in telematics and fleet management should check out our proven fleet technology solutions.

What one piece of advice would you give someone shopping for an ELD solution?

Don’t just look at price. There are many new companies out there that lack the industry experience to deliver robust, compliant solutions, and you don’t want to be caught unintentionally breaking hours of service rules because of this. You’ll find that companies with industry expertise, like Omnitracs, actually offer competitively priced solutions.

What are best practices for driver adoption and implementation?

Don’t wait until the last minute to find a solution. Allow enough time for training to get comfortable with the system. Drivers need to learn how to use the system as well as what to do at roadside inspection.

Why was it important to work with Truckstop.com?

Truckstop.com is committed to improving and educating the trucking industry through a wealth of resources — and Omnitracs shares the same values.

Visit Omnitracs on Truckstop.com’s ELD Marketplace here.

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