Industry Update: ELD News, Container Industry Upswing, Roadway Danger

100 Most Dangerous Days in Trucking

Did you Know?

Winton Motor Carriage invented the first 18 Wheeler in 1899. The vehicle was invented to transport the company’s automobiles to buyers across the nation.

ELD News

The American Trucking Association has come out against the ELD mandate delay. In a letter directed at the FMCSA, ATA Vice President of Advocacy Bill Sullivan states that his members are against the delay, and that more than enough time has been granted to carriers and drivers to comply with the mandate. Sullivan also stated that there are plenty of studies suggesting that electronic logs do in fact make roads safer and make drivers adhere more closely to hours of service regulations. Citing those who have already invested in the ELD mandate, both large and small, Sullivan believes delaying the mandate will only hurt those who those who are attempting to comply while allowing those who falsify their books to continue to do so.

Trucking Tip: When searching for an ELD, look into a device that can offer diagnostics on your vehicles. You might be able to prevent long down times due to a broken truck.

Container Industry Seeing an Upswing

After falling flat last year, container companies are reviving their margins this year. Maersk profit margins dropped by 80% last year and were set on changing that this year. With profits up over $30 million dollars, Maersk is leading the container shipping industry in gains but they are not the only company posting a gain. The entire container industry has seen a 10% increase in volume year-over-year, with most of the major container lines seeing increases in their profits by five to eight percent. This means rates on the homefront could remain low, as overseas manufacturers look to keep their margins balanced. We did see a dip in rates over the last two weeks, with dry van average rate-per-mile decreasing by about $0.17.

Danger on the Roadways

  • Half way through the 100 deadliest days of the year, the state of Kansas has seen almost 500 wrecks involving teens since Memorial Day, resulting in three deaths. Idaho, on the other hand, has seen just over a death a day (62) since Memorial Day from motorists of all ages. Utah has seen a slight decrease in the number of deaths through the first half of the deadliest days, from 50 last year to 42 this year. Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Washington are three states upping their patrols and cracking down on seat belt and distracted driving infractions.
  • Driver James Bradley has been accused of smuggling as many as 200 immigrants from Mexico. When parked at a Wal-Mart in San Antonio, a person emerged from the back of the trailer begging for water from an employee. The Wal-Mart employee called the police. When they arrived, they found eight dead and at least two dozen others with life threatening conditions. Two more would later die at the hospital. Bradley was driving on a suspended CDL.

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