ELD Market vendor spotlight: J. J. Keller


Just launched: Truckstop.com’s new ELD marketplace helps carriers navigate the many available ELD options. We’ve researched and vetted many of the vendors in the market today and have brought who we believe are the best into one place for the trucking industry to view and get information. Over the next three months, we will spotlight our selected vendors. To view this marketplace, visit eld.truckstop.comThis week’s spotlight is on J. J. Keller.

What’s your company background?

J. J. Keller has been the leader in helping fleets comply with the Hours of Service regulations for over 60 years, and is trusted by more than 560,000 customers. We’re the company you can trust to prepare for — and comply with — the ELog mandate. Our in-house transportation experts have 220 years of combined regulatory expertise. They closely monitor regulations, work with federal and state agencies, and develop solutions to simplify the management of complex regulatory requirements. This means the compliance intelligence in our ELog solution is always based on the current DOT regulations.

Give a brief overview of your solution(s).

The J. J. Keller Encompass® fleet management system with ELogs is the industry’s most versatile online tool for improving driver and vehicle compliance. Featuring a series of regulatory dashboards, exceptions-based reports, and compliance alerts, it offers a real-time view of the critical fleet information you need — and automates the compliance tasks you’re already doing.

J. J. Keller ELogs allow companies to use drivers’ own smart devices or the all-inclusive J. J. Keller® Compliance Tablet™, making the transition from paper logs easier on you, your drivers, and your budget. And J. J. Keller ELogs:

  • Install in less than 10 minutes
  • Work in all vehicle classes, 1-8
  • Are compatible with iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ devices and the J. J. Keller® Compliance Tablet™
  • Let you chose options from ELog only to complete fleet management
  • Updates are done on the fly without a hardware swap out
  • Minimal upfront costs and rates as low as pennies per day

How is your solution different from others on the market?

The difference is the Hours of Service expertise that J. J. Keller provides.  We understand Hours of Service, and that expertise is translated to our Encompass ELog solution. Customers can easily manage their driver’s record of duty status with electronic logs, scannable logs, or manual entry of driver log data. And all logs are audited against the HOS rule set(s) determined by your company. We offer many rule sets and driver features that make a driver’s life easier. And we include ready-made reports such as Top Violators, Hours Available, Personal Conveyance, Falsification Reports, and more. Plus, we offer 24/7 driver support.

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Who is your ideal customer?

J. Keller Encompass was built for fleets of any size whose priorities are compliance and safety.

What one piece of advice would you give someone shopping for an ELD solution?

Make sure the ELD provider you chose is reputable, has hours of service regulatory expertise, and can provide technical support and implementation services.

What are best practices for driver adoption and implementation?

Start early. The sooner you train your drivers on how to use ELogs and get them installed, the better. It takes time for drivers to get comfortable with ELogs. Plus, your operations team will need time to evaluate how ELogs will impact day to day business.

Why was it important to work with Truckstop.com?

J. J. Keller is committed to the transportation industry and endeavors with many partners and providers to improve the health and vitality of the industry, including Truckstop.com, a dedicated contributor and resource within the transportation sector.

Visit J. J. Keller on Truckstop.com’s ELD Marketplace here.

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