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Eight So-Called “Facts” About Load Tracking That Aren’t Actually True

By Erika Meissner-Cortez
Whether it’s related to HOS rules, logbooks, or IFTA, there are a lot of myths surrounding the trucking industry. Unfortunately, our Load Tracking service is no exception. Check out some of the most-commonly cited falsehoods about Truckstop.com’s Load Tracking.
1. The app lets brokers track me even when I’m not carrying a load.
FALSE. Location information is only shared with your broker while you’re actively hauling a load. As soon as you’ve dropped off, or 24 hours after the drop-off time has passed, the app automatically shuts off and no more data will be transmitted.
2. The app shares my information with local law enforcement, so I’ll be more likely to get a violation.

FALSE. Absolutely no information is given, shared, or provided to law enforcement. Law enforcement is responsible for making sure you’re compliant and we’re in the business of providing you the tools you need to keep your business profitable.
3. The app shares my information with the Department of Transportation.
FALSE. Absolutely no information is given/shared/provided to the Department of Transportation. Do they want your information? Maybe, but we won’t give it to them because 1) it violates your right to privacy, 2) it violates our terms of service, and 3) we’re obligated and committed to honoring those rights and agreements.
4. The app sells my information to other vendors.
FALSE. We don’t give/sell any information to vendors because, again, it violates your right to privacy and our terms of service.
5. The app sells my information to marketers.
FALSE. See #4 above.
6. The app wears down my battery and increases my data usage.
FALSE. You won’t see any measurable decrease in battery performance or an increase in your data usage by using Load Tracking.
7. The app isn’t secure.
FALSE. We combine enterprise-class security features, including 128-bit AES encryption. We also perform regular comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure your data always remains protected.
8. Even when I uninstall the app, it can still track me via cell towers.
FALSE. Cell phone manufactures take your privacy very seriously and don’t let apps leave residual code on your phone once you’ve deleted or uninstalled. The only way to use the Load Tracking functionality after uninstalling the app would be to reinstall the app.
Want to learn more about Load Tracking from Truckstop.com? Visit https://truckstop.com/product/load-tracking/.

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