Creating Simple Invoices that Get You Paid

By Rafael Moiseev

Congratulations: You’ve started your own transportation business!

You’ve got a truck and driver, and even secured your first load. Next, the truck is loaded and ready to roll. But the hard work doesn’t end when the truck leaves the yard, or even when the freight is delivered – in fact, it’s just begun. You still need to get paid! Spending hours adding up miles, figuring in different pay rates, and taking special circumstances into account can turn invoicing into a time-consuming nightmare.

As a business owner, you have several options when it comes to invoicing a customer and, naturally, you’ll want to choose the most efficient and cost-effective (note: this doesn’t always mean the cheapest) option for your business. Spending hours manually creating invoices takes time, and that’s time you could be using searching for loads, and increasing your profit. When you create an invoice for your business, it should be clear, professional, and include detailed, accurate information. After all, clients won’t pay until they get an invoice that makes sense to them.

Most companies have issues with billing times and outstanding receivables they simply don’t have time to chase. Timely invoicing is key to receiving steady payments, but it’s possible to overlook this essential task in the flurry of daily activity. You’d be amazed at the amount of dollars unaccounted for, possibly in your own business, due to human error and overworked employees. Tens of thousands of dollars just disappear through the cracks in many companies.

Invoicing your clients promptly and accurately is just as important as calculating pay rates. Some people still spend hours perched at their desk with coffee and poor lighting, furiously trying to get their invoices done. Your business cannot be the success you envision if your cash flow is exactly flowing. So how do you ensure your cash flow is steady? By keeping the wheels turning and, just as important, ensuring you get paid.

With the right software, you can quickly create a professional, easy to understand, and detailed invoice with just a few clicks. The best software should offer you time-saving features, such as the ability to link invoices to specific loads, include special charges for stop-offs, lumper fees, accessories, and easy to read payment terms. It should also make it incredibly easy to track unpaid invoices and identify loads that have not yet been invoiced.

If you run a transportation or logistics business, you need to ensure that you are getting paid to keep your wheels turning and your trucks fueled. Without prompt and accurate invoicing, your cash flow will dwindle and the likelihood of your doors closing will rise significantly.

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