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A Broker’s Guide: How to Automate Carrier Onboarding and Monitoring

In the broker industry, carriers are more than the people who move products safely on a deadline. As part of your transportation team, they’re also an extension of the services you, as the broker, provide to your customers. An honest, trustworthy, qualified carrier can help you maintain your reputation among shippers and grow your business..

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Freight Broker Business Plan
Freight Broker Business Plan

As the name implies, a freight broker business is the link between freight shippers and carriers. As a freight broker, you will receive requests from companies that need goods shipped and match them to carriers for transport. But how do you make that happen? How do you take your freight broker business from an idea.

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How to Become a Freight Broker in Florida (9 Steps)

If you enjoy logistics and the freight industry, you might wonder how to start working as a freight broker in Florida. Becoming a freight broker gives you increased control over your work as you serve as a sort of matchmaker between shippers and the trucking companies that deliver their goods. A new freight broker in.

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How to Become a Freight Broker in Illinois (Complete Guide)

If you’re an Illinois resident who loves the transportation industry and enjoys the challenge of logistics, you might start thinking about how to become a freight broker in Illinois. Once you get your freight broker license, Illinois gives you a great deal of freedom in conducting your work. You will act as a matchmaker between.

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14 Benefits of Transportation Management Systems
14 Benefits of Transportation Management Systems

If you’re a freight broker, you may already know that a good transportation management system (TMS) can transform your business. But what exactly is it, and what are the benefits of transportation management software? At their core, TMS solutions let you take control of your transportation system in a whole new way, offering automation and.

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7 Best Freight Broker Software Tools for 2022

To manage the fast-paced business of matching carriers and shippers, choosing the right freight broker software is essential for your success as a broker. Especially if you’re just starting, you might think an off-the-shelf accounting package or generic transportation management software will do the job. But freight brokers need specialized solutions that help manage carrier.

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Freight Broker Salary: How Much Do Brokers Make Each Year?

Unlike many salaried jobs in the United States, freight broker income is harder to determine. That’s because there are several ways a freight broker can be employed and get paid. The location also has a huge impact on freight broker salary. Looking online, freight brokers have a salary range from $42,926 (payscale.com) to $93,618 per.

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Freight Broker Business Plan
6 Steps to Get a Freight Broker License

If you want to act as a freight broker, matching goods that need to be shipped with trucking companies that do the shipping, you will need a freight broker license, or a load broker license. Freight brokers are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and the requirements can be confusing. We’ve put.

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Carrier Vetting: 7 Ways Brokers Can Verify Quality Carriers

As a broker, you probably already know how important it is to vet your carriers. You can be held liable if you hire a trucking company that is then involved in an incident while moving freight. When just starting out, you may not be sure of the best way to go about checking each carrier’s.

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Broker researching carrier insurance monitoring
A Freight Broker’s Guide to Carrier Insurance Monitoring

As a freight broker, you are the go-between for shippers and carriers. You might already know that it’s important to require proof of insurance during the carrier selection process. But did you know that even if you have a carrier’s certificate of insurance on file, you might be still be held legally responsible if something.

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