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How to Write a High-Converting Freight Broker Sales Pitch

To grow your freight brokerage, you’ll need to prospect for new business constantly. You’ll need to refine your freight broker sales pitch to be successful, whether you’re doing in-person visits or sending cold emails. Some customers will drop over time, no matter how good you are at your job. If you’re not adding new customers.

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person with headset looking at computer monitor
5 Steps to Become a Freight Broker in California

Brokers serve as an intermediary between two parties. In the transportation arena, a freight broker connects shippers and carriers to move goods from one place to another, such as from warehouse to store. It’s a lucrative field, but we need more brokers to serve the industry. If you live in the Golden State, here’s how.

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Conditional Rating
Conditional Rating – Are They Strangling Your Carrier?

Your FMCSA review will involve the examination of “factors” determining your compliance with the regulations. The focus point for a satisfactory review is “documentation.” You may have done what you considered to be the necessary steps to comply but if you failed to document your processes, it will not appear to the inspector that you.

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Schneider Adopts Truckstop.com Book It Now Instant Load Booking

In the freight industry, time saved is money made. No one knows this better than Schneider, an industry leader who’s perfected the business art of optimizing time to maximize margins. Since deploying Book It Now for securing load coverage, Schneider is reaping the benefits, both expected and unexpected. Fully expecting Book It Now to speed.

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The successful freight broker’s guide to load tracking

It’s suggested that 87% of Shippers want to work with freight partners who provide freight visibility. Makes sense, right? I mean successful freight transactions don’t appear in a vacuum (not even when you’re brokering vacuums). Here’s how to power up your load tracking game: Five reasons Load Tracking is a game changer Automated check calls..

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Broker Best Practices in Limiting Risk: Errors & Omissions Insurance

When you think about the many threats to your brokerage, competition, market fluctuation, employee turnover, and several others may come to mind. However, one of the largest threats to the success of your business is financial loss because of insufficient insurance coverage. While there’s no way to completely avoid risk, there are ways to minimize.

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Broker Best Practices in Limiting Risk

A successful broker understands that limiting risk is critical to the success of their operations. From contracts to proper carrier vetting, a simple mistake can expose you to significant financial and reputational loss. Most of us feel we understand the exposures, but do we fully comprehend where those exposures come from? Insurance coverages like Contingent Liability,.

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