CargoShield and Real Time Freight: Combining Peace-of-Mind Coverage with an End-to-End TMS

We don’t have to tell you just how competitive (and crowded) the transportation brokerage industry is right now. Margins are already razor thin and they seem to be getting thinner by the day. Now, more than ever, you need to stand out from your competition, both in terms of efficiency and customer relationships.

That’s where CargoShield comes in. Meet the industry’s easiest-to-use transactional cargo insurance. Unlike spike, gap, or contingent cargo insurance, which relies on motor carrier negligence and can take several months to process without guaranteeing a favorable outcome, CargoShield puts the power back in your hands!

CargoShield allows you to completely remove the question “is my cargo insured” from your customer’s mind. It also offers protection from “Acts of God”, unattended vehicle, theft and a variety of other exclusions, while delivering unparalleled responsiveness from a professional claims team working on your behalf.

The best part? You can give your clients this peace-of-mind for just $12 per load. That’s as little as $0.01 per mile* for $100,000 of coverage. And because CargoShield is now integrated with Real Time Freight, you can instantly purchase coverage right in your TMS.

Now integrated into Real Time Freight, CargoShield gives you yet another way to increase your efficiency and provide more assurances to your shipper clients. An end-to-end transportation management solution, Real Time Freight is already helping thousands of users like you benchmark rates, find quality carriers, and streamline reporting and back-office work to be more competitive and agile.

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*The market average truckload mileage of 1,100 was used to estimate the cost of $0.01.