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Cargo Insurance: Protect your cargo for just $34 a load with an “easy button”

Truckstop.com gives buying cargo insurance an “easy button” by integrating Cargo Insurance into the Load Board you already know and trust!

Successful 3PLs understand the importance of protecting their customer’s cargo and their own revenue; that is why cargo insurance is an essential part of doing business. The problem is that carrier cargo insurance maintains exclusions or restrictions unknown to the 3PL and their customers. This creates a tedious, time-consuming process in the event a claim is filed, and managing the process on top of that can wreak havoc on operational efficiencies and customer relationships.

Enter Cargo Insurance.

Cargo Insurance is designed to address the needs of 3PLs and shippers by standardizing cargo coverage with one of the broadest coverage forms available in the industry and putting control of the claims process back into their hands. The process is hassle-free and fits seamlessly into broker and shipper workflows. Proof of coverage is available immediately after purchase, so more time can be spent on revenue-generating tasks.

No quotes. No wait time. Just superior cargo insurance coverage made for brokers and available in seconds for $34 per load.

Cargo Insurance removes the burden and anxiety of claims processing and management, and the resources, skills, and training that go with them. In the event of a claim, the dedicated, U.S.-based Cargo Insurance team works to get your claim processed in 30 days or less, saving brokers and shippers additional time and money. Additionally, brokers are more efficient with Cargo Insurance as it insures the load rather than the motor carrier’s negligence.

Brokers with Cargo Insurance have an advantage over their competition.

Successful brokers understand that the value they provide to their clients is service. Those who offer Cargo Insurance coverage hold a distinct advantage over their competition by offering this superior level of coverage. And in the event of a claim, they can assure their shipper clients that they are receiving the best service possible with a timely and efficient resolution.

Cargo Insurance offers incredible value for just $34 per load.

Cargo Insurance is:

  • Primary cargo insurance provided on a broader Shipper’s Interest “All-Risk” policy form.
  • A stand-alone policy independent from motor carrier insurance; certificate available immediately.
  • A policy covering cargo loss due to “Acts of God,” unattended vehicles, theft, and other forms of loss commonly excluded by the motor carrier’s policy.

Cargo Insurance is NOT Spike, Excess, or GAP. It is first-dollar coverage and doesn’t add to the motor carrier’s current coverage limit.
Enjoy a seamless claims process and avoid the cargo claims hassle for just $34 per load. And all available quickly and easily on the Truckstop.com Load Board!
See how easy it is to purchase Cargo Insurance from the Truckstop.com Load Board.

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