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Cargo Insurance “all-risk” policy now covers chilled produce, certain packaged, frozen goods

Rate Mate for carriers.
Cargo Insurance’s already broad coverage terms just got even broader for 2018! The powerful per-load cargo insurance policy now covers chilled produce and certain packaged, frozen goods – still for just $34 per load! See the sample policy here for details.

Better than Ever

Cargo Insurance isn’t Spike, Gap, Excess, or Contingent insurance coverage – it’s better. Unlike many other coverage types, Cargo Insurance is “Shipper’s Interest” insurance, created specifically for brokers and shippers. It puts control of freight coverage in your hands, while allowing a professional, dedicated claims team to handle claims for you.
Not only is claims-management included in the $34 per load price, Cargo Insurance covers many other commodities and occurrences other policies don’t.
Cargo Insurance covers:

  • “Acts of God”
  • Unattended vehicle
  • Theft
  • Chilled produce and other frozen goods
  • Both TL and LTL/partial load coverage

One of the most appealing aspects of Cargo Insurance is how loads are valued for LTL/partial loads. Claims are paid based on invoice value as stated on the BOL up to $50,000! Other policies on the market offer a much lower coverage amount at a higher cost per load – and base claims payment on a murky, released value or freight class formula. Cargo Insurance offers a clear, powerful, easy-to-use policy for much less!
For full truckload, Cargo Insurance offers up to $100K in coverage for the same low cost.
For a more comprehensive discussion, call Garth Dixon at 208-600-6573 or garthdixon@truckstop.com.

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